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Private The Coming Storm

Location: Byss | Frozen Hand Temple
Admiral Chiran

On the planet Byss it was a world known for its luxurious locations. Lakes and rivers on which couples could sail. Mountains and cliffs the likes of which are rarely seen in the deep core, and seemingly perfect weather. At least it had till the Republic and the Frozen Hand went to war. The ramifications of their final battle having marred the world with an even heavier presence of the darkside. The air was thick with it. A storm raged outside, lightning bolts that seemed to rival the size of frigates crossed through the air. The wind a strong current that bowed trees over. All this ignored by those who’d managed to survive the slaughter of the Frozen Hand.

The click of boots could be heard as Admiral Chiran made his way through the halls of the Dark Temple. The Crimson skinned Quarren’s eyes stared straight ahead as the thick black cape he wore billowed behind him. For months, nay, nearly a year the Frozen Hand had been forced into hiding. They had once thought themselves able to take on the galaxy, and how quickly they’d been proven wrong. After a series of costly engagements with what was once the Republic, they’d been forced back to the temple of the Sith Morridan. Even there they were found, the Republic falling upon them to deal a death blow. Thankfully Chiran had seen the demise of the Hand coming and retreated with what forces he could and a special little treat he’d found.

The Dark Temple had no name, in fact even when reviewing data entries of the planet Byss it hadn’t shown up. Yet the malevolence of the temple could be felt, the reverberations of the darkside calling out for its followers.

With a hiss, the doorway before Chiran slid open admitting the Sith into an inner chamber where a twi’lek and Nautolan stood over a command console, before them a set of holographic displays. The display that caught Chiran’s attention most was one of a small cell, no bigger than six by six. There wasn’t even room for a cot within the chamber, its occupant forced to sleep on the stone floor.

“How is the boy?” Hands clasped behind his back in parade rest, Chiran’s sickly yellow eyes looked down upon the two.

“All the tests returned as positive identification sir.” Tapping on the control panel the nautolan named Gaan Nar, pulled up another display showing a set of vitals and characteristics. “As you can see he-”

“It doesn’t matter.” Cutting the nautolan off what was left of Chiran’s tentacles began to writhe. “Those fools thought the answer was the crystal, when the true power they sought was right under their noses. Now here it is before us. We are the chosen few to bring the plan to fruition once more, and that boy will be the key.”

“Sir, do you truly think he’ll work with us?”

“The force has many ways of convincing others. If that fails, I have my own.”

The Believable Lie
Codex Judge
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The Dark Temple had ended up being one of the more difficult insertions the Corellian had to deal with. They weren't as trusting as others, and her skill set did not impress them. On top of those issues, Allyson had no informants lurking in the Frozen Hand. No intel beforehand put the Jedi Shadow at a disadvantage. Extraction had taken longer. Allyson had managed to worm her way into the ranks of the temple's personnel. During the weeks leading up to now, she discovered the asset's location, a young man whom the Admiral found value in.​
Luckily for her, there didn't seem to be anyone missing her right now. She had followed the Admiral into the room, using the Force to Cloak herself. Having to be careful, she avoided anything that would cast an odd shimmer onto her frame. Listening to the events unfold, Allyson was quickly reminded of her own imprisonment, locked away in the depths of Kaine Zambrano's dungeon. Now wasn't the time to experience those events, she had to wait and listen. Her breathing controlled and undetectable; this was what she was good at.​
The conversation unfolded, and Allyson remained against the wall avoiding contact. It sickened her to hear how they had planned to use whatever was in the room he was peering into. She took in what was on display since her own intel wasn't the best coming in. She was able to send the signal through her comm device with a small piano of her fingers, without looking to her partner lurking out in the rest of the temple. Hopefully, he would be able to find her if necessary.​
Allyson studied the panels that she could see from her location, it seemed the entire room was meant to control that one cell for some reason. Who and what was in there that had the Admiral determined to break him. It didn't really matter to Allyson, she had already made up her mind that this boy was going to come home with her no matter what anyone had to say. Slowly, her footsteps moved, one over the other drawing closer to the viewing screen. Her body still clung to the wall under the guise of the Force Cloak.​
What was going on here? It was unbearable, but she had to keep waiting. An opening would soon show that would allow her to take control of the situation and the room. If she acted too early, it could get the boy killed, and even worse than that, it could get them both killed. Allyson was a big fan of living, and she was sure that the boy in the room felt the same way - hopefully.​