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Unreviewed The Collective - The Hive, the Hoard and the End

  • Organization Name: The Collective
  • Classification: Religious Cult
  • Affiliation: N/A [Pending affiliations]
  • Organization Symbol: [Pending artist rendition] The symbol is of a porcelain white skull with protruding mandibles.
  • Description: The Collective are twelve kings of forgotten planets, who through the use of dark Sith alchemy interwove their souls together to create one being, hellbent on expanding its reign across other planets. It trains armies of stolen children, citizens, captured warriors - all broken down into slaves fueled with a thirst for violence. The Collective conceived the idea of ritualistic gladiatorial combat to the death to dictate candidates for its army, The Hoard - letting them cleanse the arena of weaker warriors to weed out the quality specimens. These battles to the death are carried out on giant freighter ships hosting large gladiatorial domes.

    All the armies of The Collective serve to expand the reach of the flag forever into the stars. In reality, once The Collective manifested into reality, it became disillusioned with the notion of "purity", asserting that the imperfection of life will forever breed malcontents, and should be improved for the good of life itself. Evil will persist within every facet of sentient society, regardless of regulation or moral integrity. The Collective made it its mission to root out vast quantities of life, leaving the then perfect and pure survivors to inherit The Collective's kingdoms, with it guiding them to peace, forever onward.
  • Headquarters: The Collective are splintered across the Outer Rim Territories and other nearby systems. They mainly operate on the twelve planets The Collective inherited once it assimilated all the kings. The Collective's armies are known to take root on weak or unguarded planets, creating colonies of Collective soldiers and camps for conversion.
  • Domain: [Planets pending creation]
  • Notable Assets: [Assets pending creation] N/A
    • Hierarchy: The chain of command is a simple three-layer hierarchy. The Slaves, The Hoard and The Collective. Despite the class difference, within their respective groups they are mostly similar in "rank" - the great equalizer is the participation in the gladiatorial trials which root out the weak specimens. Infighting can and will occur, but the inherent chaos of the organization is somehow glued tightly together by the fear they all hold against The Collective.
    • Membership: Hundreds of thousands of slaves and warriors are scattered all across galaxies at once, while concentrated populations live on the twelve planets controlled by The Collective. Slaves are stolen into the organization to be broken down into desperate servants, building them up to work specific roles catering to their individual talents. Warriors are preemptively captured from existing armies or military factions and are pitted in mortal combat to prove their worth. The last ones standing are conscribed into the ranks of The Hoard.
    • Climate: The Climate is dependent on the respective faction's culture. Some are hardened battle brothers who forge bonds in combat, while others are vicious psychopaths who kill each other for laughs.
    • Reputation: Due to the conspiratorial nature of The Collective, it generally goes under the radar of larger organizations or groups. They prey on weaker civilizations for subjugation and spread propaganda from these locations to hide their situation.
    • Curios: N/A
    • Rules: Rules, ideals and beliefs are all dependent on the culture of individual factions within The Collective.
    • Goals: The Collective's goal is to assimilate great reaches of the universe into its great kingdom, while rooting out the perceived malcontents of society to create a true utopia.

    Sha'ri Sorkh, Vergessen Contii

    After the amalgamation of the souls of twelve kings, The Collective was born with an inherent desire to cleanse the universe of "malcontents" and produce a "new type of life". A type of life purified from sin and the desire to harm. The Collective wishes to weaponize the darkest of forces, only to use it for the final time in the reshaping of the ways of life.

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