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Unreviewed The Coalition Of Government ( COG Capital Planet)


  • Intent: This is my new first official planet and government that is known to be as (Socialism-Communist Government with little bit of Capitalisms)
  • Image Credit: [Founder Father link source ]
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: ( COG Faction )
  • Planet Name: [ Sera ]
  • Demonym: [ The resident of those lived upon the planet were known as "COG","Serans", "The Humanity ". ]
  • Region: [ Outer Rim Regions. ]
  • System Name: [ Delrakkin System ]
  • System Features: [ Sera was a habitable planet that was the homeworld of once super-like humans (Serans) but they are rarely seen. The planet had a 26-hour day. The topography consisted of a few very large, contiguous continents surrounded by the sera oceans, as well as several large and small island chains. It known also possessed two moons]
  • Location: [ Location ] K-21 Grid
  • Major Imports: N/A
  • Major Exports: Due being a big sister planet along the Delrakkin planet, Sera is very known to extract raw resource such as "Doonium", Tibanna gases , Bacta , Durelium, and most of all "Hfredium".
  • Gravity: [ Standard is Earth-like but later the gravity cause more mass strengthen the Serans]
  • Climate: [ The climate were known to be very vast and diverse environment that is very habitable. ]
  • Primary Terrain: [ Sera was known to have many terrian earth likes such as Grassland, Mountains, Oceans, Tundras, Forests, etc. ]
  • Atmosphere: [ Type I ]

(This man known as "Founding Father of Serians" as "First founding Father and leader of the "Socialist-Communist Government" during the "sliver era" civil war but (Secretly: He was aided by unknown person in red hooded robe name by "Kuio" with the fresh idea about the government structure. It's known as "Aseria Mentor" or as "Religion" God known as The Holy "Imperator". )
    • Capital City: [ The capital city was known as "Aseria" named after the founding father of "Serians" named "Aseria Greysera" whom lead through the civil war in the sliver era. It's known the heart of the government and that his goal is union other continent united into one as "The Republic People" but later was called as "The Coalition Of Government" COG after united whole Sera. It's also known planned city, designed by the COG to maximize the productivity and livelihood of the citizens. It was built by using the raw materials salvaged with it's construction largely mechanized and automated. Aseria was very far larger city in order to accommodate hundreds of thousands of citizens or more. One side of Aseria was built against the mountains for natural defense while the rest of the city was guarded by a massive security barrier walls with 4 gate. This wall had a railgun which were used during the Battle of Sera. All major roads in the city are designed to lead to Government House to make administering the populace more efficient. On the hills above the city lived the wealthier inhabitants who are either close with the government or entrepreneurs who owned the city's big companies. There was also an industrial district for manufacturing where large industrial operated a largely autonomous factory that also employed thousands of technicians within the city.

  • Major Locations:
  • At"Aseria"
    The House Of Sovereigns
  • The Council of Sovereigns was a deliberative assembly that served as the legislative branch of the sociopolitical collective known as the Coalition of (Communist) Governments. Following the establishment of the Coalition, the capital city "Aseria" became the political and economic headquarters of the international alliance, hosting the Council of Sovereigns in the monumental legislative structure known as the House of Sovereigns. Although the member-states of the Coalition appointed an unspecified number of delegates to represent their interests in the capital city, the national leaders controlled these delegates from their homelands. This international arrangement dictated that the majority of important legislative decisions occurred through the global communications network.

The Angel Of COG

  • Native Species: [ The very first species were known as "Serian" as they are very rare in. They are human-like but what is difference is that they are super-human like but they are rare ]
  • Immigrated Species: [ The immigrated weren't appear due long isolation from other world's. Later The Humans, Delrakkins and other species immigrated.]
  • Population: [ Heavy Crowded ]
  • Demographics: [ The demographic is known to shown not many of serians but known to have sera(humans) and other aliens species. Due of the government have some restrict and limited. It's never shown any racism and frown upon as they all work together united as equality]
  • Primary Languages: [ The very common language is known to be Serios, Sera and Galactic Basic ]
  • Culture: [ the society revolved around the military, especially the army, and was bred into the social fabric. Their society revolved on the policies and ideologies that the The Coalition Of Government was founded upon in both the "Aseria Greysera". In the the ideals of "order, diligence, purity, labor, honor, loyalty, faith and humility" were stated as several ideologies and values such as loyalty, respect, honor, responsibility, living clean and frugal lives and the idea that being a part of society and working hard for the greater good will "hand on safety and prosperity to future generations" was written. By working hard, being a part of society and the community, a person was doing their part in The Coalition Of Government and making a contribution to the existence of the COG and for the existence of future generations. Other ideologies of COG society include the unification of the people and state. COG society also focused on the reliance on people as neighbors and friends, for people to help each other out in hard times. COG citizens and mostly other species did not normally protest government actions regardless of the actions. Propaganda was huge in thing in the COG society, whether it was for positive effects or negative effects. Propaganda was common throughout all sides of the COG , from the military to the common civilian sector. Many families had a long line of military service and traditions. . In COG society, joining the military was a norm and was considered a taboo if one did not. During the "Sera War", there was some anti-war protest among some of the people of the COG, especially among the liberal youth. Some of this anti-war protest ran rampant at famous university and at Military Academy. Military recruitment in the ROGP Armed Forces also used propaganda as a means to encourage more people to join the military. Although COG society dictated the ideals and policies of unity, order and equality. The Order was everything in The Coalition Of Government , and even before its founding. Order not only had to do with the government, military and civilian sectors and society but also had to do with recording, archiving and bookkeeping of records and documents that encompassed everybody in the COG . Every file, document and report was recorded in a ledger and stored away for storage and removal. To this style of archiving and recording everything was "typically sera , typically COG." Even when the COG was in a significant crisis, people recorded and kept records of everything that happened. This archiving and filing not only had to do with history, but anything and everything that was a record, including reports, seismograph charts, photographs and aerial recon photos, maps, schematics and technical journals.
  • Government: Formerly: Tribe, Feudal , Empire, etc etc. Presently: Socialist-Communist Government (Little Capitalisms with Mask of Republic)
  • Affiliation: [ The Coalition Of Government ]
  • Wealth: [ High ] It's known that the COG utilized a CREDIT/Paper money currency system backed up by Gold and paper like. The basic unit of currency in the COG was called the Dollar as gold were created as credit. Dollars were produced in paper and Credit created into gold and other metal like. The money/financial supply of the COG was managed by The Republic Reserve.

  • R.6933c12f257dbb1fc5e1e348b12f9841
    It primary purpose was the production and management of the government financial supply. Such as financial supply was managed in banks. They are known to have some private companies in the private economic sector but rarely shown in public.
  • Stability: [ High ] As you can see along the culture that stability is very high upon the society and government. As many Sera citizen or anyone never protest or spite upon the government decision due to heavily Propaganda and order upon it people and government. Due to their highest loyalty , they view their government as righteous , ideals and policies of unity, order and equality.
  • Freedom & Oppression: They are pro's and con's upon the society and the government structures about Freedom and oppression but they don't view it as evil or good but reason and results on how long government will lasted and how they are treated. They dislike capitalisms , imperialisms and being treaty unfairly as such as government known as democracy , and other's. They are some strict laws and how limited they can be.
  • Con's view of other government in society they are taught:
  • Democracy: They view them as only thing wrong with a democracy is the election process by which democracies are guaranteed to wind up with corrupt and often incompetent leaders that plunder the economies under their control for their own benefit.
  • Imperialisms: They view Imperialism impacted societies in countless negative ways. It led to slave trade which then led to social discrimination around the world. It also damaged the cultures and created disunity among the natives. Last but not least, imperialism stripped countries off their natural resources and left nothing for the natives.
  • Monarchy: Monarchies are often viewed as immoral. The people have no say in who leads, and they are cast as subservient by being born to the wrong parents. This also creates a practical problem, as revolts are common in history. Elected forms of government tend to be more resistant to revolts since the people choose who leads. When compared to other types of authoritarian governments, monarchy is sometimes said to be inferior. In other types governments, future leaders compete against others, and those who fail rarely take control. Making leadership a reward instead of a birthright can lead to more effective policy and action.
  • Empire Government: Citizens of the Empire aren't secure in their possessions and property. They can't go where they want without being stopped by Imperial forces. They can be imprisoned or forced into an army without a trial or the opportunity to say no, and restrictions on trade and commerce make them poor and condemn them to getting what they need from dangerous black markets, smugglers, and gangsters.
  • Republican: As same view toward democracy , A republic allows the few to decide for the many.
  • Military: As all the faction used for military purpose , COG had its own armed forces, spread over all of its nations. There were four branches of the Military's forces: The Army, the Air corps , the navy and a logistics branch known as the Engineering Corps. The entire Republic military was commanded and supervised by COG High Command. as the High Command itself supervises the daily operations for all branches of the COG military and directs the war effort.
  • Technology: Galactic Standard modernish?
Due lack of history of how human's came to this planet but was known to be created into small nexus storm surrounding it planet Sera. It also main reason why the imperial empire couldn't pass through it nor tame it's technology , which why we shall explain the history of sera and how other civilization didn't contact them.
The first history begun known called the "Age Of Colonize" during human civilization plan to explore the galaxy with low space technology that wasn't compare toward the "Modern Galactic Technology" long ago. As you notice, human had colonize it's planet known as "Sera" as they were bringing knowledge with them as they founded Sera. As they continue to developed with their human empire in further outer galaxy as they had good trade route. But due the "Infinite Empire" Conquer other worlds as such human empire causes lack trading route for resource and later comes "The Sera War" or common known as "Age of Armageddon" as "Never ending war conflict" upon Sera. Due lack of route trading and unknown source of energy storm cloud surrounding it's planet "Sera" cause downfall in the human society in "Sera" as resource and much population were crowded. Though some unknown reason they did have the sun but human's nature were cut off and forming their own government as each continent and so on tribes form for their selves to survived. Many of them have different goals and it was to human nature.
During the "Age Of Strife" or common as "Age of Armageddon" was known since the commencement of recorded history, the contiguous continental system unique to Sera encouraged seemingly interminable warfare between its inhabitants. Throughout the millennia-long period of armed contention as the nations of the planet fought against one another in order to achieve dominion over its limited natural resources, which nearly resulted in the outbreak of a globe-spanning conflict like "World War Vibe". They were only two faction's remain as The Union Federations(
Democracy/Republic Vibe) and The Coalition Of Government. Due long war of fighting , they realize that needed peace known as "The Silence Age" or term for Serans as "The Dusk till dawn Age" where it sudden became quiet.

"The Dusk to dawn Age" was famously known as "Silence" humanity rejected the concept of war at the end of a millennium-long period of conflict called the "Sera War". The period saw the development of a new cultural and intellectual renaissance with the advancement of the arts, scientific endeavors and cultural pursuits being key social priorities. Humans(Sera) culture also became increasingly demilitarized as the people's energies were channeled more toward improving the quality of life and the resolution of the past military conflicts, leaving little need for large armed forces to be maintained in spite of occasional skirmishes. However, all was not perfect. Concerns over crime and the protection of the civil liberties were prevalent in this period as both state and society debated the balance between freedom and security between the "COG" and "TUF" remaining nation. The Founder Father was known to created an new system in the COG as to decentralized government that emerged from this constitution sought to preserve national independence within its structure, granting its member-states considerable autonomy over their internal affairs as socialist's-communist
Government but still known as "Coalition Government". Due Father founding powerful influence cause the result was a powerful combination of authoritarianism, industrialism, and militarism also.
Due for while of peace between two-remaining nation lasted for unknown many years, but due another 79-long years of war between the COG and TUF came into an end COG being only one nation being to supranational and intergovernmental.
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