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Location Review The Carderise Flats Naval Shipyard

"There is no happiness under the crimson sun...."


Prefsbelt Stossjaeger oversee the excavation into the Carderise Lake Bed.

  • Intent: To flesh out Prefsbelt Command
  • Image Credit:
    • r/Star Wars Leaks [x]
    • Chris Ostrowski [x]
    • LordGuzhan Deviantart [x]
  • Canon: Model is based off of the Anaxes Shipyards [x]
  • Permissions: None
  • Links: None

Salaried workers settlement located in the village formerly known as 'Clearview', now Barracks 3.
  • Shipyards Name: The Carderise Flats Shipyards
  • Classification: Planetary Shipyards and Drydock [x]
  • Location: Prefsbelt IV
  • Affiliation: Prefsbelt Command, The New imperial Order
  • Population: Heavily Staffed
  • Accessibility: The Lake Carderise Shipyards are difficult to approach. Prefsbelt IV already holds itself as an isolated, and strictly regulated system. To approach the shipyards officially requires passes and security clearances from several departments. And even once there, one is sworn to secrecy. To approach under the auspices of sabotage is an entirely separate dilemma. Due to Prefsbelt IV’s terrain, it is isolated.
  • Description: From a glance from orbit, the Carderise Flats are a brown splodge in the middle of mountains. But that belies the true purpose of the facility. The Carderise flats weren’t always that. In fact, Lake Carderise was at one point the largest inland water feature. Now it’s been damned, leaving a clay plateau behind.
The actual construction of the shipyard is that it has several “pits”, which serve to service the construction or refits of normal Star Destroyer class vessels, going from 1400-2000 meters in length, with two extra pits large enough to construct larger dreadnaughts. With then two dozen separate pits which are for auxiliary frigates, corvettes and cruisers.
The pits, given their construction are hundreds of meters deep but they are not barren. Creeping up the side, walkways and construction apparatus line these pits. Allowing for the manufacture of things. But the very bottom of them are filthy, rife with faecal matter and urine. This is because the pits double as the accommodations for Prefsbelt Command’s main labour source. Prisoners. And at Lake Carderise, the prisoners are primarily former Confederate and Sith Imperial military personnel but also contain some dissidents and even former locals. While it may seem dangerous to give someone you’re treating as scum expensive equipment, this is leveraged by promises of certain death and the provision of their daily bread.
Atop the slave workers, are actual workers. Technical specialists either hired from across New Imperial space, or trained on Prefsbelt IV. While they are free men, and are paid very well for their time, their existence is not entirely free either. With them being forced to sign Non Disclosure Agreements, and potentially suffering the same fate as the wretches working on Prefsbelt IV if any attempt to leak the planets employment practices leak.

Fort Gorsten, Eastern Landing Pad.

  • Production: Space craft, from the smallest corvettes all the way up to 5000 Meter dreadnaughts.
  • Specialty: Military vessels.
  • Output: The production quotas at the Carderise flats are remarkably cruel. As such corvettes take but a week to produce, and your typical Star Destroyers about a month of continuous work, give or take regarding liquidation of the work force.
  • Market: All vessels produced are for use in the New Imperial Navy, and immediately dispatched across its domain to reinforce fleets and task forces operating within New Imperial space.

"It's like a giant frickin' tombstone, to all those poor sunsabitches who died there. Makin' those forceless karks their forsaken dam!"
~CIS Petty Officer Jakub Kreis
Reflecting on his comrades lost in the construction of the Guttary Falls Dam

The Work Pits: Dug into the ground, deep into the earth are the pits. From the very bottom, up, they're simultaneously where Prefsbelt Commands main workforce, convicts, live and produce their works. While it may seem strange to house slave workers living in and around the products they produce, it is a tightly regulated system. Prison pits who fall behind on production aren’t rewarded with their rations. Rations which has been made addictive, via additions of highly addictive stimulants that keep them working nineteen hours of the day. Should a Work Pit continuously fall behind, they are first starved of rations for the day. Then punished with beatings on the second day. And if on the third day there is unsatisfactory movement? Liquidated and fresh meat pulled in until they can efficiently return to schedule.

The Depot: Above all of the pits is the Depot. Although not much, it’s a long conveyex depot, which transports raw materials for consumption, and parts for the vessels. Constantly busy with the transport of ores, beams and technical equipment, Prefsbelt Auxiliaries and Stossjaeger lower these into the work pits, while accounting for progress. Those who fail to provide adequate results are hauled to the depot to be transported to Fort Gorsten for permanent work assignments.

Worker Villages: Lake Carderise had several small communities lying at the edge of it, and around its coast line. With the damming of the Lake, these communities were either relocated to industrial centres, or their denizens thrown into the production line at the new shipyards. Their empty towns now house the civilian workforce of the facility, who barrack in the former homes of vacated residents. Civilian workers are monitored extremely closely, and while well paid are forced to sign Non Disclosure Arrangements. Those found in breach, via monitored communications, are put into the Pits. Sent to work like the others.

The Guttary Falls Dam: The Guttary River, once mighty, flowed into the Carderise. Now its been tapped by a gargantuan dam, which sits between Mt Florasi and Mt Guttary. The Dams construction allowed for the construction of the flats and conversely supplies power for the facility via six hydro-electric generators which supply several small farming settlements. The Dam is arguably the most secure part of the facility, housing an entire armoured division, planetary shield generator and several squads of interceptor model fighter craft on top of the anti-air craft guns.

Fort Gorsten: Named after the facilities chief overseer, Brigadier General Helmut Gorsten, the Fort is the central headquarters of military personnel. Most of the garrison of Stossjaeger and Prefsbelt Auxiliaries reside here. There are some units scattered in the small worker villages. It’s also the Fort where the Naraka suits are employed. Workers are tracked via health and insubordination. Those who are near death or are dead, find themselves accommodated in the Naraka I worksuit. Those who are troublesome, the Naraka II worksuit awaits. They are then sent back, improving gross productivity.

SECURITY: The Carderise Shipyard is a dystopian workplace if any. Even those who are salaried workers, work in total isolation with threats of a very real fate worse than death should they blow the whistle. While prisoners are left largely to their own machinations, the punishments distributed to them are often considered cruel and callous, with visceral public executions a common place occurrence. A warning to both salaried workers and co-habitating prisoners the risks of refusing a command.

This comes along with draconian restrictions. Should production quotas not be met, rations are cut by 33%, until the third day where if a correction has not been undertaken both salaried workers and convicts are liquidated. Every move, every step, every requisition form is documented and put into folders. Awaiting either blackmail or to be shouldered with the blame if Caderise’s practices leak to the broader Galaxy.

With New Imperial warlord, Grand Admiral Carlyle Rausgeber’s promotion to Admiral Regent, head of the New Imperial navy sites for the construction of a new shipyard commenced. Rausgeber wished for there to be a shipyard dispatched locally both to refit his own personal command of vessels, but also to present an example that his own fiefdom Prefsbelt Command was up for the challenge.

While the New Imperial Order under the order of Grand Vizier Praxxus declared no slavery was to be tolerated within its borders, members of both the Sith Empire and Confederacy of Independent Systems both established and run the Carderise Shipyards as little more than slaves. Hundreds died thanks to poor procedures during the erection of the Guttary Falls Dam, with dozens encased in duracrete during the setting of the dams foundations.

Acknowledging the principle workforce was largely uneducated on engineering, Prefsbelt Command has dispatched hundreds of civilian labourers to oversee the more important portions of construction and the installation of systems. These civilian contractors are held on a tight leash. Paid exorbitant amounts compared to other sectors of the New Imperial Order, let alone Galaxy, for their compliance. In return, they are never to allow word of the Carderise flats return to the broader public, lest they risk an early demise in the work pits themselves. In any case, the shipyard silently produces dozens of vessels, with little care for the politics of Nirauan and the New Imperial ruling council.

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I apologize for the long wait on this submission. Though, there is one larger issue that I see that I need to point out before we move forward here.
Under the Location Creation Rules, it states that "Space Station, Shipyard, & Starship Locations submitted to the Codex must use an approved Factory submission or a canon model, without significant technical modification."

In order for us to move forward with the review, I'll need you to add either a Canon or Factory Approved Drydock Shipyard model to support Carderise Flats.