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The calm before the storm(OP, Tegs)

The lights of hyperspace slipped around The Defender as it moved towards Fondor. Normally a trip from Fringe space into the Omega Protectorate would have been quite a bit longer in nature. However, with the recent addition of Phu to the Fringe's territory the trip wasn't nearly as long. In truth the trip was far to short for both Atrisian and Omega interests. Such was the purpose of his trip. A last minute effort to avert the flames of war from consuming the Fringe-Omega borders, and the task was left to one Sargon Vynea Governor of Bakura.

He was dressed in a well pressed suit and jacket with rather shiny wing tipped shoes. He would have preferred something a bit more relaxed in tone, but he didn't want the Omega Protectorate to doubt the Fringe took this situation very seriously. The battleship was almost scrapped from the diplomatic mission, but it was decided as much as they should look seriously dedicated to peace the Protectorate should know they were ready for war. He was not however bringing it withing firing range of Fondor. Instead when they exited hyperspace Sargon would board a waiting Protectorate ship, and that would bring him to Fondor. Sargon would be placing themselves completely in Protectorate hands, no weapons, and no Fringe guards.

Even as the alarm went off announcing they were about to exit from hyperspace Sargon was already waiting by the unarmed shuttle. In truth the entire thing left him feeling, well naked. However, it was an absolute necessity and in truth his own idea. This meeting had to be taken seriously, and the Protectorate had to believe that Sargon was earnest for a peaceful solution that would bring no embarrassment to either side. Going over his files on the Protectorate, its worlds, leaders, military, and economy he hoped they would listen. Either way he was damned sure going to try to make them listen.

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