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The Bryn'adûl

​The Bryn'adûl

​[A Brief History of Space Exploration - Paolo Puggioni]​

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​- Arms Manufacturing
- Naval Manufacturing
- Raiding, Pillaging, Conquering
- Cloning Facilitation
​- Genetic Engineering

War and Blood. The true currency of the Galaxy at large, the Bryn'adûl knows this. After the fall of the Ancient Eye, Tathra pledged his allegiance to solely himself. To be independent, and rule through sole autonomy. The Bryn'adûl are both creators and mercenaries, able to get whatever job done.

​They operate outside of the jurisdiction of the various Factions of the Galaxy, they are self serving and ultimately on their own team. The Bryn'adûl specialise in the creation of arms and naval manufacturing, creating equipment for selling but also for their own use.

​Their equipment is used by their military assets, as a form of being self sufficient; existing as a self serving force. The Bryn'adûl are however, even more well known as intergalactic raiders; they are devilishly fierce and feared on the battle-field, having incited and fought in multiple conflicts across the galaxy.

​ELITE FORCES - Brutes | Promethean Guard | Chieftains Fist | High Shaman | Zealots | Ravager Brute |
​COMMANDERS - Drone Commanders | Shamans |
​INFANTRY - Drones | Sentinels | Draeyde Swarm | Ungulloi Infantry | Striker Squads | Savage Drones |
STEALTH - Bellator Operators |
​INVADER - Servitors | M'gaelak Siege Towers | Ra'mak War Beast | Drael Skag | Rhivak | Brumak |
​SUPPORT - Ungullian Engineers | Syphon | Obalisc | Quilxyn

​FIGHTERS - Hel Fighter | Skirmisher |
​DROPSHIPS - Wyrm Dropship | Hel Shard |
NAVAL - Orbital Defence Platform |
​HEAVY ARMOUR - Detrimus Tank |

​MELEE - Kinetic Hammer |
RANGED - Spiker 2A | Spiker | Barad Spike Rifle | Barad Disruptor Repeater | Radesh Automatic Weapon | Radesh Shredder |

​Tathra has gathered wealth and influence over the ninety-four years of his long life, working as both a mercenary and Warlord in that time. A massive boost to this was his control of the Ancient Eye's forces and governing of their nations, attributing to both a foundation of experience and influence that eventually lead to the creation of the Bryn'adûl.

​After searching for a year or two, Tathra began to gather his people; the Draelvasier. His following now growing into the few hundreds, this has created a credible and strong foundation of loyal powerful warriors to safeguard and influence the growth of the Bryn'adûl.

​Following the introduction of the genetically engineered Draelvasier into the armaments of the Bryn'adûl, the Chieftain (Tathra Khaeus) expanded his front, taking control of additional planetary operations. Continuing the growth of what could be considered a private army.

​The Bryn'adûl have continued to conquer and control the corners of wild space, evolving into an amassing empire.

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