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Here be the pre-factory Madness of Minerva Vessia. This will be her personal ongoing saga of drafting up subs. It will be a mutable collection of subs for people, some will be for this faction, and some will be for Minerva’s company The Blushing boots.

*Drafts are soon to come*
De Avibus Occultatum




  • Classification: Sword
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Heavy

  • Lightsaber resistant.
  • Deflects blasterfire.
  • Can ground lightning.
  • Very sharp.

  • Invisible

A masterpiece of Sith Alchemy this sword was crafted with standard Sith rituals as many Sith Swords before it, therefore it possess many of the traits a Sith Sword should have. It is resistant against lightsabers, can ground lightning and deflect blaster shots. But its presence in the Force will warn any Jedi of its wielder's arrival and ruin any attempts of stealth.

This blade does have a additional ability most swords of its nature does no have. The sword had a permanent enchantment of Force Cloak upon the blade. This ability just can't be turned off. Bursts of light side energy will not turn off this function. Burst of light sided energy could potentially destroy this weapon.


  • Well-rounded: It possess the quality of many other Sith Swords.
  • Cloaked Blade: The Blade is near Invisible like the Force Ability Force Cloak.

  • Lightside: Bursts of lightside energy can harm or even destroy the sword.
  • Heavy: For a sword its size it is very heavy and bulky.
  • Presence: Darkside presence means that unless you somehow hide it, Jedi can detect you.
  • Cloaked Blade: The Blade is permanently Cloaked. Do not set it down unless it is sheathed. Grabbing for this weapon can be dangerous if you don't know where the handle is.