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Approved Starship The Blade of Fate

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  • Intent: To flesh out and sub one of the Darr Itahs in the Sith Ascendancy's possession
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  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source:
    Darr Itah-class Grand Battlecruiser



[*]Ion Cannons

[*]Mass Drivers
[*]Hypervelocity Guns

[*]Helliod Missile Launcher System

[*]Point Defense Cannons
[*]Anti-missile Octets
[*]Mk 26 'HARM' Guided Missile Weapon System
[*]Flak Cannons
[*]Quad Laser Cannons
[*]Heavy Tractor Beams

[*]Defenses: Extreme

[*]Reinforced Hull
[*]Cap Drain
[*]Warhead Countermeasures
[*]Predator Interdiction Driver
[*]Anti-concussion Field Generator

[*]Hangar: Very Low - 4 Squadrons
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
[*]Speed Rating: Low
[*]Hyperdrive Class: 1

[*]Environmental Systems:

[*]Medical Bay
[*]Navigation System
[*]Ray Shields
[*]Meditation Chamber

[*]Propulsion Systems:

[*]Ion Drives
[*]Maneuvering Jets

[*]Sensor and Targeting Systems:

[*]Artificial Intelligence Systems:

  • Powerful Armament: The Blade of Fate is bolstered by a wide menagerie of weapon systems and gun emplacements, making it a very powerful and very lethal warship.
  • Extensive Defenses: Redundant shields, a reinforced hull, and other onboard systems make the Blade of Fate a tough nut to crack, and combined with its armament makes it a daunting challenge to overcome.
  • A.I. Enhancement: The Blade of Fate has inherited the AXIOS artificial intelligence software previous present in the Primeval-class Star Destroyer Ruination, allowing it to coordinate with other fleet elements seamlessly
  • Rear Blind Spot: Like many warships of the angular Imperial design, the Blade of Fate cannot fire on any ship directly behind it.
  • Bridge Tower: The Blade of Fate's bridge tower serves as a glaring target for enemy vessels.
  • Sloth: While powerful, the Blade of Fate is a lumbering behemoth. Once it gets going it's very difficult to alter its forward trajectory.

The Darr Itah Battlecruisers were one of the many symbols of the One Sith's indomitable might during the Empire's zenith, but by the time of the One Sith's collapse only eleven had been completed. Of those eleven two had found themselves in the hands of Sith loyalists, biding their time waiting for the moment to unleash these monstrosities upon the enemies of the Empire.

Shortly after the reclamation of the Imperial fortress world of Bastion from the hands of Mandalorian Force Hunters these two Darr Itahs resurfaced, their handlers gifting them to the nascent Sith Ascendancy to serve as the speartip of an envisioned reclamation of former Imperial territory. One of these was permanently moored over Bastion and aptly named the Hammer of Bastion while the other was given to the Ascendancy's Warmaster, the Supreme Commander of their military - Darth Carnifex, and was christened the Blade of Fate.

The first thing Carnifex did with this newly acquired warship was strip away certain aspects of the ship's hull design, opting for a sleeker cleaner aesthetic to distinguish it from the other existing models. He then dismantled his previous flagship, the Primeval-class Star Destroyer Ruination, and installed the AXIOS C.A.I.S. artificial intelligence software into the warship's mainframe. He also tore apart the captain's quarters and remodeled it as a Sith Meditation Chamber and personal sanctuary, filling it with replicas of the artwork currently displayed in his castle on Panatha including an escape tunnel and bridge override controls.

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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