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The Black Sun Syndicate.

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
The Black Sun Syndicate
"Ever wonder what a life of adventure or riches is like? Come work for Black Sun and see".​
- Recruiter​
General Information
  • Type of Government: Criminal Organization
  • Head of State: Vigo or Underlord
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • The Council of Crime Lords
  • Military High Command
  • Planetary Parliment
Societal Information
  • Capital: Nar Shaddaa
  • Official Languages: Galactic Basic
  • Currency: All large scale currencies, precious metals, spice
Armed Forces
  • Black Sun Armed Forces
  • The High Space Fleets
  • Spec Ops (Such as the Cadre Guard Corps)
  • Mercenaries
So, who are Black Sun?
The Black Sun Syndicate as its formally known. Is a criminal organization originating from the planet Coruscant. Well over a century old, it still remains the most powerful and influential criminal organization in the galaxy. More so since it took over the Hutt Empire and forged the Syndicate in to its own nation. It deals in all kinds of business from ship building and financing to illicit trades like spice and smuggling. And it does so on a galactic scale.​
There are those who disagree of course with the concept of a nation of criminals. Let alone the Syndicate existing regardless, and they're actively engaged to see us fall. The Republic is the main perpetrator behind such movements. But on the small and large scale Black Sun is willing to stand up for its right to exist. By any means necessary.​
So why join the Syndicate?
There are a plethora of reasons any individual would join. Many join because they're already in the business and seek to obtain the highest goals achievable in their trade. Others are the exiled and disenfranchised seeking purpose and a home. Some just wish for power that Black Sun is happy to provide for services and loyalty. The number one reason of course people wish to be in the Syndicate is for the all might credit. And in no other such place will you find it so easy to obtain, so long as your willing to do a little dirty work for us.​
So if your interested in joining this enterprising endeavor. See your local recruitment officer or street thug for details.​