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The Birth of a Warrior - Aren Graves

Aren Graves

"Justice may only be delivered by the just."
Stormtrooper Profile Report: Aren Graves

NAME: Aren Graves

FACTION: The First Order

RANK: Sergeant Major


AGE: 24

SEX: Male


WEIGHT: 198 lbs

EYES: Hazel

HAIR: Brown

SKIN: White



Inspiring: Grave's men are eager to follow their leaders every command. His respect for his troops mixed with his fierce tenacity and ambition has shown that Graves is both feared and loved by his subordinates. His selfless actions in combat has also earned the trust of his men who would not hesitate to follow commands that even seem like they might be risky, and even suicidal.

Combat Effective: When it comes to mercy or kindness regarding any enemy of the First Order, Graves is not quick to show either. He will kill or detain any being he sees as a threat, man, woman, or child. His proficiency with blasters and melee weapons makes this task easy for him. Some even say he once gave the order of a massacre on several citizens after an uprising on Xal 3.

Peoples man: Although Graves could be seen as nothing but a ruthless commander, he has excellent charisma and easily charms most he comes into combat with. Mostly because of his past he is quite adept to parties and large gatherings, always wearing the most clean cut suits and always having an entourage. He isn't an arrogant man but, he is quite prideful and doesn't shy away from flaunting his military achievement.


Anger Issues: More than once Graves has found himself throwing chairs or slamming his fists on display screens. He has very low tolerance for stupidity and will not give light punishment to avoidable failure. He has also let these issues let him get sloppy during battle, however this is a rare occasion.

Overzealous: Having a clear conviction for your cause is a good thing, however there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. Graves finds it difficult to keep himself from physically harming those who disagree with the ideals of the First Order. This blind conviction has lead him trouble many times at events and meetings during his younger years.

Overambitious: Once again ambition is a good thing, but not too much. Graves seeks the approval of others, and above all seeks a prestigious military position and will stop at nothing until he achieves it. He longs to be recognized as a hero of the First Order. This is has caused him to take on targets that are too difficult to grapple, but he wants them for the recognition and possible promotion.

Graves is a tall slender man, standing at 6'2 and weighing in at 198 lbs. He has somewhat long, brown/reddish hair with beady hazel eyes. He has a long and gaunt face, with very defined features-jawline.

Sergeant Major Aren Jogan Graves was born and raised on the First Order capital of Dosuun. His parents were high level trade merchants, assisting the military in acquiring supplies and ships. This led to Grave's constant exposure to the First Order military. Officers were always over having a drink or he was dragged to large parties hosted by politicians, at first the shy Graves was not enjoying the continued visits. However, over time he grew accustomed to the constant flow of officers in his home. More importantly he always admired the white armored soldiers escorting the greedy officers. He finally got the confidence to approach one of the soldiers who took a liking to the boy and even let him try on his helmet. From this moment forward Graves became dedicated to becoming a stormtrooper, training at the age of thirteen at nearby academies. His father did not approve of this military obsession and often beat the boy, proclaiming he was the heir to their trade assets and would learn to undertake the business. Graves ignored him and escaped from his home with the approval and funding of his mother.

At this time Graves was accepted to the military academy on Dosuun and began his real training. His conviction was like nothing any of the instructors had ever seen. The same goes for his commitment to helping and protecting his peers, whom he deeply respected but was constantly trying to overshadow. The boy had a very realistic outlook on his situation. He loved his peers and wanted them to succeed. But his success mattered more to him, so if they had to make way for his ambition then so be it. Still no one knows if this conviction is to prove a point to his father, or to serve a cause he loves.

At the age of twenty Graves graduated at the top of class, entering the rank of Private First Class. He was quick to see combat, facing several rebellions on worlds the First Order has a loose grip on. His valor was tested when his commanding sergeant was shot by a sniper during a riot. The other stormtroopers scrambled away in fear for their lives but Graves rallied them and lead a charge against the rebel defenses, executing every of them. His combat actions were recognized by many throughout the military, eventually earning him the rank of Sergeant Major. Graves ambition lives on however. Throughout his service so far he has grown to hold hatred toward any form of disorder. The thought of rebellions and lawless underworlds disgusts him. Reinforcing his no prisoner policy when it comes to rebels and pilots. He continues to earn the trust of his men on and off the field, striving for the rank and recognition he deserves.

No need for one.

None, as of yet.

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