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The Binding of Wills

Ra sat quietly in a corner of the library the temple possessed, looking through holodisks of assorted knowledge. Mostly about geography and peoples of different worlds. Though she had grown up on Coruscant and met many different races, she lacked personal knowledge of many. She could easily pick up languages and accents, sounding like a native very easily.

Not long ago, she had met Vorian on a mission to Helska IV where they jointly investigated an old imperial base and searched for forgotten technology.

She was thinking about him and it was actually slightly distracting her from her research. Sighing, Ra pushed her unbound hair back from her face and turned her gold eyes back to the tablet in front of her.

While in the temple, Ra didn't feel the need to wear her cloak or normal adventuring gear. She considered this place home and made herself comfortable there. Today, her hair was down and flowed freely down her back. She wore a purple shirt and brown pants. Her feet were shod not in her boots, but more comfortable loafers.

Around her were scattered books and scrolls she had tossed aside in her quest to figure out her forgotten and lost heritage. She was starting to think it a lost cause since she had no clue what she was and didn't know where to start. Ra was stubborn though and kept searching. Looking up from the tablet again, she noticed she was almost alone in the library. Just a few people wondered around now.

[member="Vorian Adasca"]

Tyberius Fel

Rightful Galactic Emperor
Vorian Adasca loomed over the extensive archive of knowledge. The gaunt, shrouded figure stood considerably over six feet but was not imposing by his height, but rather the way he carried himself. The studious, calculated gait of a scholar.

He paused, peered contemplatively at one particularly promising bookshelf, then latched onto a dusty tomb with spindly fingers and withdrew it from it's cobweb sepulchre.

The Livic Wars, by Daritha Xim. A excellent opus authored by one of the most renowned strategic minds in history, and one Vorian would have delved into on the spot.

Had he not spotted a familiar mass of milkgrass hair, much like his own.

His corrupted, feline irises darted onto the subtly muscled figure of Ra, who allowed an amused smirk to play across his features. Curiously enough, he did not sense the aura of Dune.

"Ah. Interesting to see a Padawan without her Master."

Before [member="Vorian Adasca"] spoke, Ra heard somebody coming up to her. She set her current tablet down on the chair next to her stood up to greet the Sith. They had barely spoken when they met before on Helska IV it being way out of a familiar place for her, she had kept her façade on at the time. However, here on Eol Sha, she felt more comfortable and had started letting her guard down more and allowing her emotions to show and come out.

She saw him look her up and down, his eyes though corrupted by the Dark Side were of a similar hue to hers. Ra wondered what they would have looked like without that. His skin very pale compared to hers of an almond color.

Ra picked up enough of items she had so he could sit down if he wanted to.

Carefully picking her words, Ra spoke to him.

"He treats me well, trains me hard and allows me some freedom. I can usually be found in here gaining knowledge."

Tyberius Fel

Rightful Galactic Emperor
Vorian's analyzed this woman closely. If his senses did not betray him, Vorian was almost certain he could vaguely detect some distant, forbidden curiosity about the curiosities of the Dark Side within this Padawan's eyes. The Arkanian chuckled internally, for he the similarities were quite striking.

"You remind me of myself, Padawan." Vorian admitted, falling into a cross-legged meditation position on the floor, creamy vellum pages of the ancient tomb sprawled across his lap.

"Dune is a excellent tutor and a better Jedi, but he has always failed to grasp the grander forces at play."
Picking up the tablet she had set down when she stood up, Ra resumed her seat on the chair. She placed the tablet with the others she had recently moved for [member="Vorian Adasca"] to sit. Tilting her head to the side slightly, listening as he spoke.

"How do remind you of yourself?"

Giving half a smile to him, she agreed with him about Dune.

"Better Jedi than who?"

Shaking her head slightly, her brows rose with curiosity.

Tyberius Fel

Rightful Galactic Emperor
Vorian allowed a whimsical smirk to play across his otherwise severe features.

"You're a little bookworm. I'm willing to wager you always have your nose in the holocrons too, don't you?" The Arkanian gingerly turned the page.

"They teach you emotion's something to resist. That certain knowledge corrupts." He sighed.

"The truth is, the force alignments are the opposite of what they call. Bogan is Ashla and Ashla is Bogan."
Ra saw a brief smirk on [member="Vorian Adasca"] face, very similar to faces she makes at times. His face is much less human than hers, but not showing of emotions to play reminds Ra of herself.

Her hands empty of anything, Ra placed them on her lap as she sat cross-legged on the chair. Looking down at him on the floor.

"Actually, I haven't been given access to any holocrons here, but in my spare time I read as much as I can."

Her eyes moved from him to her hands and back.

"Master Dune has mentioned the Dark Side and how it corrupts its users bodies and minds."

Motioning to him idly with one hand before continuing.

"Your mind appears unaffected though."

Tyberius Fel

Rightful Galactic Emperor
Vorian's face tightened at the mention of dark side corruption.

"The so-called 'light side' is a farce. What is 'light 'about ignorance, about shying away from your true potential and the knowledge of another philosophical group just because you disagree with them? And the corruption?" He dismissed the concept with a waft of his hand.

"Power corrupts. Mortal bodies aren't made to handle the raw potency of drawing on the full energies of the force. The weak and impatient wither away into husks almost immediately. Of course, I am able to delay the most significant effects indefinitely."

The absence of any deformities besides the pallor of his flesh and the predatory yellow hue to his eyes seemed to led credence to this theory, though Vorian had not been immersed in the dark side for long.
"I honestly don't feel there is a light or dark. The Force is neutral, it's the intent of the user that makes it colored."

Ra thought more on [member="Vorian Adasca"]'s words before speaking again.

"Knowledge is power though. I'm lacking in knowledge so I come here for more."

Gesturing with her hands, she indicates the library around them. Taking the moment, she adjusted her position and set her feet on the floor, revealing her bare ankles to the man in front of her. She leaned forward, curious to know more about him.

"How are you delaying the effects?"

She could see his skin had grown pale and his eyes glowed slightly yellow. Again reminding her of how similar in color they were to hers.

Tyberius Fel

Rightful Galactic Emperor
Vorian's eyes met Ra's own gaze, and he relished in how thoroughly ensnared this young learner was.

"Ah, so eager." He tsked.

"But before I bestow upon you any of my secrets, it is only fair that you reveal your own facets." He paused for a moment in contemplation.

"Where are you from?" Though he didn't speak it, Ra could tell that Vorian had also noticed their physical similarities and reserved his own curiosity on the matter.
Glancing at her hands in her lap and back to his eyes, Ra considered her answer carefully. She didn't know where she was from. She almost always answered that she grew up on Coruscant because that was the truth. Deciding this man might be able to assist her in discovering her past, she went with the truth.

"I honestly don't know."

She kept what happened to her when she was little to herself. If he wants to know, he'll have to ask.

Taking the time to look around and make sure nobody was close enough to listen in, Ra found they were alone in this section of the library. Turning her attention back to [member="Vorian Adasca"], she could tell his interest at least appeared genuine.

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