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The Best Dev Thread Ever


The Artist
M'kay so I plan on RPing out and rebooting Andreas' history. This isn't your average three-people-teaming-up-to-make-something dev thread. This is going to have plot and all that delicious stuff.

Only join if you:

1) Want to have/don't mind having some history with Andreas

2) Have a clear schedule IRL. I know this one Guy who wanted to reboot his char too, but nobody posted and the thread stood frozen to this day so absolutely nothing was accomplished. I really don't need that happening to me. So make sure you're able to post and post regularly

3) Are age 20+. Keep in mind this thread is a flashback that takes place a decade prior to present time. Embryos don't make good PC's.

That said, I will be taking two to five members to RP this out with me. Please post any questions or sign ups below