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The Beskar Aegis

The shuttle landed in the clearing, settling upon Concordia. As the ramp lowered the man walked out in brown trousers and tan tunic. His boots crunched upon the ground as he strode away from the ship to where a table and chairs sat under a canopy. Several men and women were there, but it was one man he had come to see. A body he had spent time with on more then one occasion. [member="Kal Kandossii"].

As he neared the other man he pulled the datapad from one of the pouches that festooned the trousers and held it up with a smirk.

"It's been some time ner vod. Kandossii and Dib have stood shoulder to shoulder in battle and at hearth. Ready to do so in business?"

He winked at the other man as he reached the table, the others giving them space to talk.
"You karking cheater. You know you had a shifter! That's the only way you beat me!"

He threw his empty tin cup at Haran, laughing as he did so. Pushing from the table he grabbed a towel draped over the back and cleaned some of the soot that was still on his hands. The backwash from the landing ruffled his long blonde hair causing him to turn his head until the ship had settled and powered down.

Taking a hair band he tied his golden trusses back to keep them from his face and turned to watch as Muad walked toward him. The man many called 'Mad' was a vod. And though he wasn't the idea of sanity, he had never done Clan Kandossii wrong. Atin had sworn that his Clan would follow Muad and his House, the two men having shared much. And Kal respected and followed his brother.

Nodding to the others he stepped forward with a laugh and reached out to take the other man's forearm in a warrior handshake. Green eyes twinkled with mirth as he nodded at the datapad.

"That the contract we discussed?"
"Aye ner vod. What we discussed. Your plans, my company, both mando'ad. Ties between Dib and Kandossii ... Well sign these papers to make the pencil pushers happy, but for us all we of the mando'ade need is our word. Honor between vode."

Glancing at the humble yet efficient setup he nodded.

"Mass production of your ori'verd will make a difference on the battlefield. And me setting up shop in orbit here will keep my roots intact. I've missed Manda'yaim and my vode. It will do me good to have a place I can call my own here again. And a little more muscle in Mando space is always a good thing. It's almost like a homecoming."

Gripping the other man's arm he laughed lightly and nodded at the table where some tihaar was sitting.

"A drink to seal the deal, eh?"

Moving to the table he poured two of the tin cups and picked them up, offering one to Kal.

"To new beginnings between old friends."
Taking the offered drink he motioned to a chair and had a seat, laughing slightly. Their clans had come far since the two of them had met. Raising the cup he shared in the toast and tossed back the drink. Then pulling over the datapad he signed it before tossing it to Muad.

"To the future, may we carve a path for our children to follow."

And like that, Beskar'ad Inc and the Aegis Corporation had joined forces, mirroring the relationship that their respective clans already had.

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