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The Athena Initiative


"The final frontier...
at least that is what my dad used to tell me."

[ Out of Character ]
So you won't need to read a large wall of text here is the long and short of the faction. The idea for the Athena Initiative came about by Alasdair Sitra, though at the time it was a mere thought with no name or page for it. Due to a busy plate Arutha stepped up in place of Sitra to spearhead this idea. The major points of this faction are these, quoted from Sitra.
  • Neutral Faction
  • Threads would be less boom-boom and more creative
  • Building planets around the galaxy to fill chaos with more unique locations to play
  • Partake in First Contact with new alien species that can be fleshed out by a whole faction rather then just an individual.
  • The chance to create through the factory and codex.
  • An emphasis on exploration, scouting and the more far-flung aspects of space travel.
  • If the eventual move to Major is made it would allow for entire new sectors to be built under the factions will, with planets and species that are player created.
The faction is ruled by three NPC's. Players are encouraged to assemble their own crews, PC or NPC, and flesh out planets and species in the Unknown Regions. Though lone wolves are just as equally accepted. All walks of life are required by the Athena Initiative to fulfill their goals so spacers, mercenaries, tricksters and gunrunners are all welcomed.

[ The Story ]


"I left for the Unknown Regions, determined to lose myself..
I learned that unknown was not the same as empty."

The Athena Initiative is an organization started by a Liran explorer, Asissa Mariti, who sought to uncover more of the galaxy and reveal its many secrets, as well as X-17, a Lost and a Miln, Calista Cairo. Each have their own motives within the Initiative. While Mariti's ambitions are solely personal the motives of X-17 and Cairo are more humanitarian and colonial. X-17 seeks to establish safe havens throughout the galaxy against the chaos and anarchy that rules supreme, while Cairo wants his species to flourish once more by creating distant colonies.

The Athena Initiative has hired all manner of spacers and mercenaries for these endeavors. As of now they gather on Terminus to begin their journey. A transmission circulates throughout the known reaches of the Galaxy, calling adventurers, spacers, and scientists to this distant planet. The opportunity of a lifetime arises: to seek out new worlds and lifeforms previously lost to the Galaxy.

Will you join the call to action?


Intriguing. Perfect other than "Less boom-boom". Keldoth loves explosions so long as they don't hurt people if they're caused by him. How about trying to convince a defensive species we're harmless. Sounds like deadly fun!
[member="Keldoth Mindweaver"]
As Lauris said. There will still be dangers in the Unknown, hostile governments and pirates and deadly worlds to explore

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