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The Art of Terror


All Relative
Mellow chanting traveled through the bowels of Bastion's Sith Academy, where Vereshin had traveled to meet his apprentice following the battle of Coruscant. In an office made of stone, the Sith Lord played with a metal slinky. A cigarette balanced on the side of an ashtray, on which he inhaled every so often, pausing to sip a cup of strong tea which sat beside his notes. A knock at the door sounded and Vereshin spoke without looking up from the slinky which he rolled back and forward between his hands.

"Yes come in, Adrian." Vereshin said as the door opened and the Acolyte poked his head through the ajar space. The slinky rolled back and forward between his hands and he enjoyed the smooth sensation of the metal, along with little clink when the frames collided with another. Setting the slinky down, his removed his glasses and took another sip from his teacup. "Isn't it lovely? I have a collection of them." He said, pointing towards the slinky. "I like little things that move." Vereshin mused as he rose from his chair.

The Sith Lord swanned around his desk, wearing a black cardigan over a grey shirt and loose trousers inside of boots with pointed toes and many silver buckles. He slowly extended a hand and gripped the Acolyte's chin, feeling the power emanate from the young Sith.

"You have grown in power since my absence, I am pleased." In a cool and malicious tone, Vereshin spoke to Adrian while he released his chin. With an impressed sigh, he raised the cigarette to his mouth and inhaled, blowing smoke away from Adrian's face. "The next phase of your training will consist of altering reality through the Force in order to terrify your enemies." Raising a finger, Vereshin made a note on the air.

"There were many Alliance prisoners and Jedi captured following the attack on Coruscant, we are going to interrogate them." The Sith Lord explained as he extended a hand towards Adrian's forehead, preparing to sift through his mind for any vulnerabilities. "... But first, you must be trained to resist a psychological attack through the Force." Vereshin stood backwards and coiled his fingers, penetrating Adrian's mind with tendrils of dark energy.

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I'm Sorry Dave
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Leather soles threading purposefully across obsidian tiles, Adrian made his way through the bowels of the Academy. It had been a while, quite a while, since he had last visited. Many prisoners entered, but few ever left these bleak halls. As a Sith, he need not fear such a fate, but his status as a mere Acolyte meant that there was little for him here. There were plenty of subjects, but most were reserved for the Knights and Lords of the Sith.

Today, however, he was not here on his own. Today, he would be meeting his master. In truth, it brought a mixture of feelings. On Coruscant, he had seen the true nature of his master. He had behaved almost maniacally, lashing out at anyone and anything other than his Sith allies. Adrian had cared little for the common soldiers, but the librarians... that had disturbed him. Still, above all else, he had been intrigued. Sure, some of the Sith Lord's actions had been distasteful, but the power he had wielded, the pure, unadulterated power, had been enticing. Immensely so. It had not been the brute force of many of their fellow Sith, no, it had been elegant, almost beautiful.

Arriving at the unmarked door, Adrian knocked and was granted entrance. What met him was... unexpected. His master, playing with a children's toy of some kind. Had it been a stranger, he might have gawked, but he had gotten used to his master's eccentricities. Sure, the man might very well have lost it, but his brilliance was unquestionable, and he was a surprisingly good teacher. What more could a young Sith hope for?

Following the acknowledgement from the older man, Adrian couldn't help but smile. He knew he was growing stronger, but it still pleased him to see someone so much more powerful take note of it. "Thank you, my Lord. I've kept myself busy, that much is for sure."

Just as soon as it had come, the moment for praise was gone. It was not the way of the Sith to rest on laurels, not when there was power yet to be had, knowledge yet to be uncovered. Adrian had learned the basics of turning one's enemies' fears against them from the Holocron of Darth Wyyrlok III, but he was still a mere novice at the art. The art of the mind. His experience on Coruscant had proven as much. He had faced a master of the art and had been struck down in mere seconds. He would have likely perished then and there, had she been seeking his death.

Since then he had worked fervently to bolster his mental defences, but it was not a skill easily mastered. As Vereshin's will crawled across his defences, looking for a chink in the armour of his mind, he forced himself to focus fully on the task at hand. Even so, he knew he could not repel the older man, and it was that knowledge that allowed a crack to open. For the far more experienced man, it would be easy to exploit such a weakness. Or he could force his way through with brute force, perhaps to prove a point. Either way, Adrian's mind would soon be open to whatever the Darth saw fit to pit him against, whether it be a conventional mental assault or sorcery most obscure.