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The Armoury

Alkin Stunmurk


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Workshop Name: The Armoury

Location: Jedi Enclave on Eol Sha

Speciality: Personal Weapons and Personal Armour.

Tier: 2

Description: The armoury is a fairly large room outfitted with a variety of machinery and many racks for works in progress or competed projects. The biggest thing that sets this workshop apart from the others scattered around is that in addition to all the highly technological gear the workshop contains a full functional old-school forge. Everything that leaves the workshop has been custom made to fit the user, there are no moulds for mass production as doing such could leave gear ill fit for it's user, every piece of gear is hand made to suit it's user's specific needs.

RATIONALE: The armoury is Alkin's workshop within the Dominion's Jedi enclave on Eol Sha, as a weapons master he spends a lot of time working on weapons and armour for both himself and other members of the order, so rather than rely on the random tools he has laying around.


Alkin Stunmurk


Archive this please, I don't really have the time as of late between my jobs and other threads.

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