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Approved Location The Alderaan Jedi Temple

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[SIZE=20pt]Alderaan Jedi Temple[/SIZE]​
“Forest” by Titus Lunter – Deviant Art


· Intent : To construct a Jedi temple on the new planet of Alderaan
· Image Credit: “Forest” by Titus Lunter – Deviant Art
· Cannon: N/A
· Links: Alderaan , Free Worlds Coalition


· Structure Name: The Light of Ashla
· Classification: A Jedi Temple
· Affiliation: Free Worlds Coalition
· Accessibility: The temple is located in the forests near the Capital City of Aldera.
· Security: None currently other then the Jedi
· Description:

The Light of Ashla is a Jedi Temple located between the Capital City of Aldera and the mountain range that houses the great Castle of Aldera. The temple designed by Alderaan Engineers and Alderaan Jedi. Its elegant beautiful designed corresponds Alderaan traditions. The design is meant to flow with the surrounding environment. No trees in the surrounding forest were harmed in the erection of this temple. The wood that was harvested for this monumental project was actually harvested from a tree farm elsewhere on the planet. The side walls of this building were built with the customary Alderaan polished white marble with subtitle hints of blue hue. The roof is stone is grey polished marble.

The inner portion of the Temple is made with the same intrinsic splendor of the Alderaan culture. Mostly polished white ‘n’ blue marble graces the inner portion of the temple. Polished grey marble is found here and there to give more color and to help give more of an artistic décor. Lavish tapestries draped through the temple. The furniture, made dark polished wood and comfortable cushions. Marble statues of Alderaan heroes of the past and of notable Jedi of history could be found through the temple. The paintings are of landscapes, past history, and notable figures of past and recent history.

Really, visually it looks more like another Alderaan Castle then your typical Jedi Temple. Normally Jedi Temples are sparse as in traditions they tend to cast off material wealth, typical in past history. This Jedi Temple as actually commissioned by The Royal House of Alderaan. Does it reflect their hope and their love for Ashla? Was there a deeper meaning behind the creation of this temple? During the construction of the temple three of their own was missing. Garith Darkhold JR / Organa , [member="Theodosius"] Organa , [member="Bud Balor"] / Organa . All three were Jedi and all three disappeared during dark times for Alderaan. It was very possible the temple was commissioned by the Organa’s because they missed their loved ones.

The Front Door: The large double doors are ten meters in height. That is 32 feet in height. Each door is 5 meters in width . That is roughly 16 feet wide each. The doors are artistically hand carved with elegant illustrations of the Tython moon called Ashla.

Grand Entry Hall: After passing through the large double doors you find yourself in the grand entry hall. A large spacious room filled with 32 doorways and 12 stair cases. The entry and the rest of the castle are primarily made of the polished Alderaan white blue marble, marble fashion into stylish patterns and shapes. The smaller doors are hand carved with similar illustrations as the great double doors.

The décor of the grand entry is. The writer paused for a breath of thought. It is unique in concept and scope. The entry is not an open space with colorful designed in the stone floor, magnificent statues, or tapestries upon the wall. Stone walkways spaced around mutable in-door floor beds incased in the Alderaan. Stunning flora, trees, and fountains rest tranquilly with-in the room. With-in the center of the room stands a grand fountain, hovering over its center, a holographic image of New Alderaan.

Living Quarters: The majority of the living quarters are elegant living spaces. Large four poster beds, high quality furniture, and a nice size walk in closets. These living spaces have a feel they were meant for the Alderaan royal and noble upper class.

Barracks: Even though there is no current standing secretly or military forces protecting the temple there is housing for them. It is more like a standing barracks and not as high quality as the main living quarters.

Servant’s Quarters: The servant quarters are not as grand as the normal living quarters. It is a nice size space for each servant but the décor is not of a high standard as the normal living quarters.

The Lord’s Quarters: Typically a room if this like is reserved for the Lord of the castle. Currently there is no Grand Master. The highest notable title living at the Alderaan Jedi temple is Prince Garith Darkhold JR. For now the room has been reserved for him.

Meditation Chambers: These rooms are quiet spaces Jedi retire to for peace and quiet. The rooms are not decorated with typical furniture. The furniture is actually patted mats a Jedi can grab by the door as they walk in. Spaced through the center of the room is a single water fountain. The Jedi here typically relaxes and listens to the flow of the water. Finding the rhythmic sounds of the moving water the Jedi finds a state of peace that helps them find their meditative trance.

[SIZE=11pt]Lightsaber Construction Labs: [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]These rooms are quite typical one would expect from an area you would construct a lghtsaber. It is a workshop geared around the construction of one type of item. There is a small smelting device to melt metals down…and then shape them into common [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]pieces needed to make a lightsaber. This shop however does not have materials just laying around. If a Jedi is looking to make a lightsaber they must quest for the items to shape. [/SIZE]

Holocron Construction Chambers: There is only one in the Alderaan Jedi Temple. It is not ever day a Master seeks to make a Holocron. This too is a workshop. The equipment with-in the room is only geared to construct Holocrons. There are no materials to make a holocron in this room. If a Master wishes to make one, they must quest for the items.

The Forge: Deep under the temple lays a room. This room houses great forge in size and importance. It is designed off an older template used on Tyhon, when Jedi used force empowered blades and not lightsabers. This forge however can be used to make many different types of metal items empowered by the light side of the force. The room is complete with tanning racks and a cooling pound for the forge. This room does have the tools needed to help construct items but not the materials. There is no ore or leather laying around for use.
There is another section of this room that has a clothing workshop. It has various machines that help to sow or knit cloth together. Still like the other workshops it does not contain materials to make items.

Alchemy Lab: One of the many towers has a special purpose. The room contains many shelves. The shelves hold many sealed jars…liquids, powders, and other items of different classifications. Some glass containers are empty to mix said various components with-in the room. It may seem very archaic to have a room like this but the benefits for healing purposes are unquestionable.

Dojos: Around the inner portion of the temple are rooms set aside for martial training. Most of them are set for saber training. One could find small metal balls that are called Marksman-H combat remote seeker droids.

Council Chambers: Up with-in one of the towers is the Council Chambers. There is twelve cushioned chairs in a half moon circle. On the floor in the center of the room lay the symbol of the old Jedi order. Across from the room, from the council chairs is a single doorway.

Hall of Ceremony: This room lays with-in the center of the temple on the ground floor. It is a large room. Its length is longer than the width of the room. The room is what one would expect in a throne room with one major exception. There is no throne. This room is a room where the Alderaan Jedi gathers for various ceremonies.

Hanger Bay: Located on the west side of the Alderaan temple is building attached to the main temple. The hanger is large enough to hold several space transports and maybe a squadron of starfighters. There is no standing starfighter squadrons station here at this time.

The Temple Library: This room filled with table and chairs with small computer terminals. Each smaller computer is linked together through a closed network that is attached to a greater mainframe on the temple grounds. Here a Jedi can find historical information. Gloss over star charts. There is much information a Jedi can find on these computers. They can ever research Force Powers as long as it does not fall under restricted or forbidden.


New Alderaan is in fact a new planet. The people of Alderaan had lost much, entire cities gone, and their planet inhabitable. They did not give up hope. In fact they rebuild on a new planet. Recreating what they had was a daunting task. Through it new opportunities had arisen and some building they did not recreate. The Jedi temple is a new building. It is forming new history. The temple was commission by the Royal Alderaan family. There were rumors of various reasons why they had put so much time and energy into the creation of the temple.

(Special thanks to [member="Delila Castillon"] for finding the images for this sub. Also a special thank to [member="Faith Organa"] for putting up with me over all these years.)
Garith Darkhold JR said:
Links: Alderaan , Free Worlds Coalition
Not a problem, just curious if you meant to put links here to Alderaan or the FWC and simply forgot. :D

Garith Darkhold JR said:
I would like to see the POI's expanded upon. Keep in mind that a lot of people are going to use this. You need to define the setting to make it as easy as possible for most writers to get a good idea of what the Points of Interests are all relevant for. I'll raise the submission for The Ascendancy's Academy as a good example of what you could do with your POI's. :)

Other than that it's a really solid submission. Add to the POI's and I'll go ahead and approve it.
[member="Kaili Talith"]

Yes, I did mean to provide links and in my unique mind that had slipped my attention. lol

I would love to expand on the points of interest using a format like or similar used the link given. Depending on my day, I will have the modifications at the latest by tonight for me. It is currently morning still for me and I may have hard wood floor to install today. :)
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