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The aftermath, even for individuals, can be massive...(PM for invite if not already invited)

Aboard allied medical vessel
En-route back to Coalition Space

Her crew were slumbering in various positions and in various means of comfort throughout the suite. Tsubasa lay directly beside her in the roomy medical bed. But most importantly, her newborn son, Oji, was fast asleep in his own little mobile medical crib.

Kimko however, was wide awake, looking at the infant boy.

Mustafar had not been nice to any of them, defending the former Sith Lord's castle from the invading First Order was definitely not her wisest choice, but one she had made with no regard to personal safety.

Chika had suffered several broken ribs, broken nose, and fractured arm after picking a fight with a rather strong Knight of Ren.
Yoshiko suffered a couple good saber strikes after attempting to ambush a group of knights with her own blades...a conversation for later.
Kanan and You both had multiple blaster and projectile wounds across their bodies.
Dia, Ruby, Hanamaru, Riko, and Mari managed to make it off the planet mostly unscathed, bruises and lacerations here and there.

But for Kimiko herself, the adventure had wreaked havoc on her.

It had started upon occupying the dark citadel.

She had felt the change of the Force flowing around her, and around the boy within. It unsettled her to think he was feeding off of the dark energies. But, she thought, he couldn't possibly be manipulative at this age...right? He was conceived between two Force users, so, she didn't really know the answer. It was something she would definitely look into.

Things only became progressively worse when the fighting began. The introduction of a massive number of Dark Side practitioners and both the mental and physical stress took a toll on the mother-too-be. The final nail in the coffin, was her engaging [member="Antherion"] one on one, as the male had expanded his presence of darkness and it soon overwhelmed the woman too where she had to disengage, or perish where she stood.

During her escape, and round-up of her companions, her water broke and she began going into labor there within the walls of the castle. She swore she would not allow that to happen.

Luckily for them, the Galactic Alliance forces evacuated with them and had them shuttled to the nearest medical-capable vessel in the system.

And finally, after nearly fourteen agonizing hours of labor, Oji had been born.

He was a handsome boy, and big to boot. After twelve standard months of carriage, he developed into the fifty-three centimeter long and one-hundred and ninety-two ounce baby boy. The doctors were shocked upon delivery, as was Ki when she almost lost consciousness during the procedure. But he was healthy and that's all that mattered.

Her eyes took in his features one last time, his stark white hair and tiny, but adorable, little body, before she slowly, and painfully raised herself from the bed. She looked around the suite at her friends and daughter. They had all sacrificed so much for her, it was time for a vacation.

As silently as she could, Kimiko snuck out of the dark room, and entered the passageway beginning her search for something to eat and drink.

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