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The 10 nuttiest rumors about the Obi-Wan series

Trilla Kestis

Cinnamon Roll
1. The 5th episode is dubbed in Huttese, with Gungan subtitles.
2. We are finally given a translation of Tusken language, showing that whenever a Tusken raider raises his stick in the air and chants, it means "Where did I put my keys?"
3. In order to get the series out faster, some scenes were left un-edited. This includes one when Obi-Wan argues with a man in a ping pong ball outfit who he keeps calling "Jar Jar."
4. In a Godfather homage, Obi-Wan and Owen Lars interrupt Jabba's daughter's wedding.
5. Since being a Sith would violate the Rule of Two, Darth Maul starts using the Force as a member of KISS. (He'd fit right in!"
6. The bonfire set by the Tusken raiders is not made of wood, but George Lucas's ideas for the series.
7. Deborah Chow was forced to fire the set designed because all of the Tatooine backgrounds were actually copied from Cars's Radiator Springs.
8. Qui-Gon Jinn's force ghost returns to help Obi-Wan... with his retirement plans, which were left unfinished after Order 66.
9. A member of Trump's cabinet joins the cast as an Imperial officer who deports illegal Twi'leks back to Ryloth.
10. Since filming conflicted with that of the Lando series, Deborah Chow was forced to include a scene where Obi-Wan uses his lightsaber to trim Lobot's hair.