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Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Congratulations, Lords of the Fringe, on finishing the 150-post Dominion of Tar Mordren.
  • We can now hit nearly anywhere in Omega Protectorate space, and we have some killer plans.
  • Many, many people participated in substantial ways, and post quality was high.
  • Because you rocked this, I'm going to design the Fringe's first stealth small transport, our equivalent of a Sith infiltrator. It'll be available as soon as it's approved, but with three huge development threads, I think we're golden.
  • EDIT: We can...mix this with our Valen event reward. It's time to make something amazing, folks.

Kitt Solo

Alen Na'Varro's Ex
Sweet. Stealth me babeh!

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."

can an rpj luk at mah ship?

See, I kinda want to convert it into a hacking ship, and it would be perfect once it's done, to be a battle coordinator. Just mah thoughts, though.



Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
So once we combined the valen event prizes and all those dev threads, here's how we wound up:
[1:05:52 AM] Jon: I'm always a little afraid to post event prizes
[1:05:55 AM] Jon: feels like cheatin
[1:08:26 AM] Ayden Cater: I know, right?
[1:08:36 AM] Jon: like, I look at this0
[1:08:37 AM] Jon: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/19117-seroth-class-frigates-ferocity-and-defiance/
[1:08:49 AM] Jon: and I say to myself, I'd deny that in a flat second, it's insane
[1:09:14 AM] Jon: but it's the exact thing we got in the prize list, plus 400 posts of dev for some stealth.

Two unique ships, fully available to anyone in the faction, all you gotta do is ask mom and dad (IE, me) to borrow the keys. It's the size of a small frigate or a big corvette, but it's got the power of 150 turbolasers - and a cloaking device. So we'll see how that one goes.

Congratulations, Fringe. You fething earned it.