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Approved Vehicle TF01 Droid Armoured Transport; Devilfish Pattern.

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Supreme Sun Guardian
  • Intent: To create a ‘next-gen’ Droid Transport.
  • Image Source: Multi-Troop Transport - Canon / Legends Wookieepedia Article(s.)
  • Canon Link: Not Applicable.
  • Permissions: Not Applicable.
  • Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles.
  • Manufacturer: The Trade Federation- Select Subcontractors.
  • Affiliation: Closed-market.
  • Model: TF01 Droid Armoured Transport; Devilfish Pattern.
  • Modularity: Yes;
    • Internal Transport Configuration(s.)
    • External Aesthetics.
  • Production: Mass Production.
  • Material:
  • Classification: Droid Transport; Repulsortank.
  • Role: Dedicated Transport; Mobile Weapons Platform and Infantry Fire Support.
  • Size: Large Rating.
    • Length: 30 Metres.
    • Height: 13 Metres.
    • Width: 10 Metres.
  • Weight: Very Heavy Rating.
  • Armaments: Low Rating.
    • [2] Heavy Repeating Laser Cannon Turrets [Fixed Forward; External Mounting - Elevation and Orientation Capable: Conal Firing Arc Horizontal or Vertical, Fire-linked.]
    • [1] Countermeasure Canister Launcher Assembly [Retractable, Mass-driven; Fixed Forward.]
    • [1] Integrated Energy Pummel [Retractable; Fixed Forward Emitters.]
  • Defences: Very High Rating.
    • Heavily Reinforced [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Armour Plating, with additional Carbon-Durasteel Plating.
    • Standard [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Energy-charged Ablative Plating.
    • Standard [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Deflector Shield Generator; Ray, Particle and Concussion Barriers - Overlaid.
    • Reinforced [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Ionic Shielding.
    • Advanced [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] EWAR, Electronic Countermeasures, Chaff and Flare Launchers.
  • Maneuverability Rating: 35 DPF - Low Rating.
  • Speed Rating: 120 Km/H (Maximum Speed, Flat Terrain) - Average Rating.
  • Propulsion: Integrated Repulsorlift Engines.
  • Minimum Crew: One Pilot (Synthetic or Organic) with an Integrated Droid Brain Co-Pilot; One Rack Operator and Engineer.
  • Optimal Crew: One Pilot (Synthetic or Organic) with an Integrated Droid Brain Co-Pilot; One Rack Operator and Engineer.
  • Passenger Capacity:
    • Configuration One: One Rapid-Deployment Rack of One Hundred Battle Droids (Folded.)
    • Configuration Two: One Rapid-Deployment Rack of Twenty Droidekas (Size-Dependent.)
    • Configuration Three: One Rapid-Deployment Rack of Thirty Super Battle Droids (Size-Dependent.)
    • Configuration Four: Thirty Soldiers (Size Dependent) with an Automated Barracks.
  • Cargo Capacity: Large Rating.
    • Maintenance and Repair Tools and Equipment.
    • Additional Passenger Carrying Capacity with an Internal Barracks (Automated.)
    • Internal Workshop and Fabrication Facilities (Small-scale; Repair Orientated.)
  • Standard [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Servomotors, with Gyroscopic Stabilization System.
  • Standard [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Repulsorlift Propulsion System.
  • Standard [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Fusion Drive System(s.)
  • Standard [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Compact Fusion Power Plant.
  • Standard [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Hazard and Damage Control Systems.
  • Standard [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Navigational System(s), Ground-Penetrating Sensors (Hazardous Terrain).
  • Standard [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Life Support Systems, with Integrated Antisepsis Field Generators.
  • Standard [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Combat Sensors and Targeting System(s). [Including Ground-Penetrating Sensors.]
  • Standard [Vehicle-Class, Military-Grade] Communications System, Holonet Transceiver with Encryption/Decryption Networks [Military Encryption Keys.]
  • Self-aware Droid Repulsorcraft; Transport - Minimal Oversight Required.
  • Integrated Energy Pummel - Anti-Fortification, Structure, and Emplacement Weaponry.
  • Modular Carrying Capacity, with Rapid-Deployment Rack(s.)
  • Repulsorlift Jammers; Proximity Dependent - Causes Immobilization.
  • Limited EMP/Ion Resistance; Device Proximity and Potency Dependent.
  • Fixed Forward Weaponry; Constant Reorientation to achieve New Target-locks.
  • Frontal Firing Cone - No Side or Rear-facing Weaponry.
  • Heavy Automation - Combat Effectiveness Considerably Reduced when Disabled.
  • Ponderous Maneuverability.
  • Exposed External Weapon Mounts.
  • Short-ranged Energy Pummel - Close Contact Required.

Dowutin Hunters, Massive Creatures, armed with Modified Starfighter Laser Cannons,
utilizing the Devilfish as Fire Support whilst they advanced on the enemy.

Developed by the various minds within the Trade Federation, the TF01 Droid Armoured Transport; Devilfish Pattern, would serve as a Dedicated Armoured Transport for a wide variety of Soldiers - be they Organic or Synthetic in nature. Outfitted with a heavily reinforced armoured shell, the Devilfish was capable of shrugging off all but the most devastating of blows whilst ferrying its precious cargo towards their intended destination. Due to the modular design of its internal framework, the Devilfish was capable of ferrying a considerable number of battle droids into combat - so long as they could fold up and fit within the modular, rapid action deployment racks. Said deployment racks were fitted with an automated assembly that would swiftly deploy their occupants into battle - Four Battle Droids at a time. This assembly carried that ability forwards with more advanced and larger Battle Droids that were classified as Droidekas or Super Battle Droids - but the deployment rate was halved. What made the Devilfish unique amongst the many variants of Multi-Troop Transport was that it was capable of ferrying Organic passengers, instead of a complement of Battle Droids. With the massive deployment rack removed from its housing, the Devilish found much of its internal space devoted towards supporting Organic soldiers - which, like the Droidekas or the Super Battle Droids, could vary in size and number. In addition to the ability to ferry Organics, the Devilfish was outfitted with an Energy Pummeler - a device that would emit short-ranged but powerful lasers that would grind down enemy fortifications… quite literally delivering their precious payload into the heat of battle.
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