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  • Manufacturer: Matsu Xiangu, Loray Tares, Aver Brand

  • Model: /

  • Affiliation: Matsu Xiangu, Loray Tares, Aver Brand

  • Modularity: /

  • Production: Semi-Unique

  • Material: Tattoo ink, blood

  • Alchemized

  • Blood trail

  • Through the alchemization of the ink and blood used for the tattoo, the mixture has gained several properties:

    The ink doesn’t fade, but retains its deep-red tint. The tattoo itself grows larger and more intricate with time, covering more skin in the process.

  • The skin covered by the tattoo is warmer to the touch than normal.

  • It is also far more resistant to cuts, scrapes, burns, and other surface damage.

  • If the tattoo spreads around a joint, it acts as support under duress (e.g. like a wrist wrap).

The blood trail allows the three connected individuals to find each other through the Force with ease and even over great distances. Because of past experiences (and travels) on their part, it is posited that they could connect to each other even in Netherworld – and, in a similar fashion, on other planes of existence.


  • Alchemy: The tattooed skin is more resistant to cuts, scrapes, burns, and other surface damage. If the tattoo spreads around a joint, it also acts as support under duress (e.g. like a wrist wrap).

  • Blood Trail: Allows them to locate each other with incredible ease and across great distances.

  • Mind Link: Strengthens the mental connection the three share, and allows them to establish it across greater distances, without visual or physical contact. They can communicate in a manner similar to that of neurons within a single individual, with all the speed and coordination it entails.

  • Sensory Overload: Attempts to use mental tricks, mentalism, illusions, or similar disciplines and powers of the Force on one of them while they are connected will go spectacularly wrong. For one, the attacker finds themselves facing not one, but three Masters of the Force; secondly, wading through a mind as broken as Loray’s or as unfathomable as Matsu’s is likely to bend even the strongest of wills; and thirdly, going crazy from the things encountered, witnessed, or experienced in their collective consciousness is… not impossible.

  • Sensory Overload: Connecting to other creatures on such a deep level can be difficult to process. Though acclimatization occurs over time and use, it’s still three minds working in tandem, and thus incredibly complex to comprehend.

  • Force Nope: The tattoo will lose its special properties when exposed to Force nullification of any form (Ysalamiri, Yuuzhan Vong, etc.). Upon escaping these effects, it will work normally.

They’re basically married anyway, but jewellry can be destroyed, or lost, or stolen; and it’s really fething impractical if you spend the better part of your waking hours embroiled in combat.

So that was off the table.

Tattoos, though? Fair game. But given the nature of the… er, involved, this couldn’t be your plain ‘ole aurebesh trampstamp. Everyone and their mother has those. Commemorating the closest they would ever come to love required something better.

Alchemy, then.

They weren’t really doing anything unusual – not by their standards, anyway. The number of times they had engaged in mutual mind-karkery was rather astounding, though certainly not impossible. They’d spent… shet, how many years together now? Well over a decade and a half, most like, and they weren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Nether, they were getting better and better with age!

Made sense, though. Sith Lords – and variations on the theme – were like fine wine. Deep red ink would behoove them well, and it wouldn’t be the first time either.

Once married to the job, now to each other… sort of sweet, considering they’d met being real fething good at it in the first place. Cosmic jokes aren’t always bad.

Matsu had done the sorcerous bits, obviously, because Aver and Loray are abysmally hopeless at that sort of thing. Aver did the designs, because she was the only one who still had fully articulate, organic limbs and the fine motor control that comes with those. Loray did the inking, being of half-kiffar descent and thus best equipped not to kark up.

There was a fair bit of pain involved, because that’s just how they roll. Also, blood. And other, unmentionable things that tend to get sweaty and wet and loud.

See, thing is, their relationship – or symbiosis, or marriage, or whatever a brave (but stupid) sociologist would call it – it’s a thing of immaculate balance. They are predators, in the end, half a breath from tearing each other apart. Mutual understanding and a form of… devotion keeps their violence only flesh-deep, but it drives them apart at the same time. It’s a rare occurrence indeed that they are in the same place and time together, all three. In pairs, often, and well – but the whole triad?

Almost never.

Time has changed them, however. Molded, hewn, transmogrified. Evolution is adaptation, and likewise, the three have found their own form equilibrium. Balancing atop a veritable mountain of corpses, they have sworn to never let the other go again.

In their own way, they care more than common sentients do; they care enough to etch and weave themselves into each other, irreparably so. No longer are their marks mere surface scars. No longer do they howl into the void between the stars in search for one another. No longer are they brought to their knees in the absence of those who know – and shore up their weakness.

They are, forever and always, a ternion.
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