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Templar Crusaders, Ahoy!

Now that we have a decent number of Crusaders, it's time to band together as a unit and hash out some ideas for our unit. Typically speaking, if there is an open Dominion, it is our duty to push the offensive efforts there; but outside of Dominions I'd like us to have threads going on for training and character development.

At present, Darren Shaw is Seneschel, which is the leader of the Crusaders. We'll follow his lead when we embark upon our various threads.

So, the floor is open for discussion! What would you guys like to do as a unit?

@[member="Sotir"], @[member="Darth Solrune"], @[member="Oron"], @[member="Subject 13"], @[member="Korbin Edron"].
As Seneschel I can teach anyone if you ask. Everything is open for me. As for large training threads, that is fine with me, however I prefer smaller threads with only two apprentices as I like to get to know the people as individuals.

As for the title of the Sith. That is only to show that I am very dark sided right now. later on I will revert back to Dark Jedi like just with more knowledge about the world. So saying that, it will only be for a while that I will keep the Sith attitude up IC.

Korbin Edron

I am being trained by Daxton at the moment but if you guys want to do something just tag me.