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Teaching Dragons to Fly

Dark Master Shaper
Gabriel stood on the precipice of one of many Cabels on Kro Var. The western horizon was a brilliant pattern of oranges and reds with the setting sun dipping below the mountain ridge. Like him, the world was clouded in secrecy, an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Few visitors came to the world, and those that did rarely saw the truth just barely under the skin. It was for this reason that Kro Var was only of the few places in the galaxy that he walked free of ooglith masquers and deceptive illusions.

The Master had plans for the galaxy. Grandiose plans that would see worlds burn and a new balance of power unlike any seen in recorded history. He had little time for petty endeavors like training another in the secrets he alone guarded jealously. Still, even new knew the value of a well trained army. He needed more like him, whether they be Shapers, Sith or even Jedi. So when it came to his attention that a promising Shaper sought to expand his own power Gabriel saw the opportunity to bring another to his side.

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Once again I felt like a lone child learning of the Shaping arts. But this time It wasn't fire. I had already become very well versed in the fighting style of fire. Brutal and powerful, yet to a point. Now I had to be graceful and smooth to move like the air around me. I came with only one weapon as I always had a habit of it being clipped on my waist. Here I was to meet a different Cabal. My last teacher was an old man, named after the Emperor. Now the man I was to meet was somewhat like myself. Only as in the fact that we both had left Kro Var somehow and returned.

The sun was setting causing effects of flames in the sky. Where the rays of the star lingered in the clouds to turn them orange and red hues as though a soft fire were warming the planet. Here on Kro Var, I felt at home. It was where I first discovered my talents of forging, and alchemy. It was also here, where I found my favorite weapon. My fathers bow. Though, the hunting tool turned weapon hung in the closet along with my sword and other weapons. It was made of wood for the frame and was dipped in phrik by my father long ago for, at the time, decoration. Now it had a purpose as it blocked lightsaber attacks. it had been proven on multiple occasions to stand the test of a few blows, but thats all that I wanted to test.

Nearing a man ,who stood watching the horizon slowly melt away from the light. I knew him to be the one that would possibly teach me the ways of air. In so I walked up to stand behind him and bowed for a greeting, "Hello, I am Morna, are you the one that will allow me to learn of the air?"
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