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Tatooine is right across the border and into Galactic Empire territory. It is a hive of scum and villainy. There are so many places to hide and spring small skirmishes on the Galactic Empire. Last time I check they’re our IC enemy. Should we plan a skirmish that could lead to more IC fun?
Yes we could [member="Razelle Breuner"] and we could with my following suggestions bellow.
Step One​

Thinking about this further we don’t have to just jump into skirmishes. There is ways to get us onto the planet. We can slowly build up story by first making safe houses out in the wastes. Places along the spine(mountains). There are tons of iconic places like the abandoned mines. We have access to stealth ships. IF we don’t have then I know SJO has them. After we do some rps getting some safe whouses out in the wastes we moved to step two.

Step Two​
We let our smuggling friends in our guild to smuggle whatever into the towns. The Knights and the Mandagora can still help them. There is a whole labyrinth cave network under Moss Islly. It was dug out when the first settlers were mining ore. (Before they found out the ore was garbage)

Step Three​
We help the people to be themselves, the scum that they’re. Bribe some officials. Help some local crime lords smuggle their goods in and off the planet. Do some diplomacy with some Tusken raiders. Get in good with the people. Make some friends, or make them think we’re their friends.

Step Four​
Well with all of the above you should have tons of stories leading up a Invasion if you really wanted to. Walking into it we should already have tons of story lines we could use to give us a head start on a solid story for an invasion. We got some awesome writer here at CIS. We could do this, if the faction really wants it.
Galactic Empire is going to be removed from the map come the next Update and have entirely transitioned into the First Order.

I'd much rather devote our attention to the upcoming Dominion of Tatooine when it rolls around at the start of next month! :)

Tatooine is a target rich environment. It is one of the more detailed planets within Star Wars. From the very first Star Wars movie, to being revisited over and over again within movies and it a plethora of other resources that have been put out. There should be tons of stuff we can use for a Dominion of this planet and tons of stuff we can have fun with after the Dominion.

Does anyone have a idea what the GE had done on that planet in past rps that could affect our upcoming story lines?
So from my understanding this is what happened.

The Galactic Empire strolled into the Tatooine system. Ousted the government system and replaced it with their own system of government. Then they left for The First Order. So when they left they took their
Stroomstroopers, the rest of their military, and their government officials like the Moff of the system.

So currently there is no law or government on Tatooine right now. Not to mention the people there at the mercy of whomever had come along, also no one to keep the Tusken Raiders in check?

Remember the planet does attract some shady people. With the GE gone they would come flooding back with no one to keep them in check.

In sounds like the planet would be in a crisis.

They maybe short of food as they mostly have it imported. The moisture framers might be severely harassed by Tusken Radiers. The people of Tatooine could be very short on water.

Since our cloud of influence is right next to the Tatooine hex, I say the chances are high that the over rampant crime and already affected the neighboring hexes.

Maybe the main theme for this Dominion is to restore the peace and a government back to Tattoine.

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