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Taking a sig request or two - especially for less powerful factions or the unaligned

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Images are one of the few productive things I can do with a baby sleeping in one arm, and I usually find it relaxing. I make no guarantees as to quality -- I've only been doin this a handful of months, and I've produced some great stuff and some awful stuff. But yeah, I can take a couple of requests. Sigs, avatars, faction banners, those skinny little bars that go in sigs -- anything folks need.
The Rovagug
WTB Kaine & Kaine accessories.


Like Lightning
Maybe to change my avi to have a border and flames in his hand. If you don't want to, or find it to cumbersome then you don't have to.


Domino's Apprentice

Kat Dawn

Kat isn't in any faction :) Could you make me a siggy please?

Please and thank you in advance! ^_^
Something mysterious! Pwease? ^_^
Name - Kat Dawn(Perhaps something scrolly? I'm not sure in all honesty, just a thought.)
Phrase - There Are Many Paths To Tread.
Pictures - Pic1 Pic2 Pic3
Model - Ashely Graham

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
@[member="Felicia Tannul"] - How's this? It didn't come together QUITE how I'd hoped, but the end result has some pretty colours.

@[member="Morna Imura"] - The lighting doesn't really work with flames, but I tried to adjust that a bit, hope this works for ya.


Balaya Praelior

Balaya Zambrano, One of Many
Okay @Donatos sent me a message that he took on a job and wouldn't be able to make the sig. So please if you are able to.

this one might become a dozy or be easy never know. Please use my avatar image for coloring to match the zeltron skin tones and hair. The armor to black and the hair if you can in some places double it as it is supposed to be ankle length.

A nice sig using these images
but replace Sonja's image with this one
Replace the head with this image's head
On the left
Change the swords to lightsabers with red beams

In the center just her on the throne

Text: Balaya the Hand of Kaine

and if you can a new Avatar

Please and thank you.


Can you do mine? I imagine Tef is always a very busy individual and as such, if I can avoid burdening him more, than even better, I say!