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Tag list cause why isn't this a thing yet already?

I can't make a sticky or anything [member="Lady Kay"] but I can at least say: Would you mind putting, somewhere, a nifty little list to have the tag list of every active member?

For instance:
[member="Lady Kay"] II [member="Darlyn Excron"] II [member="Atheus"] II [member="Veiere Arenais"] II [member="Bradshaw Ku"] II [member="Darben Skirae"] II [member="Kendall Ginn"] II [member="Stardust Raxis"] II [member="Ardgal Raxis"]
[member="Darlyn Excron"], To make it usable for other people, Edit your post to have it formated like this.

[ member="Darlyn Exocron" ] so it doesn't actually tag the person, and when you want to use it, just copy, paste, and get rid of the spaces.

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