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Tactics & Strategies [Hutt Cartel]

Gajjulla the Hutt

|~Tattoine-Gajjulla's Palace|~|
Gajjulla had called yet another meeting into order, the Hutt Cartel had put themselves in danger by revealing themselves and if they made a mistake there could be another Hutt Genocide and the Hutt Cartel could die, personally Gajjulla didn't want that to happen, it would be good to plan ahead, what do they call it again? Oh yeah, Advanced Political Scheming, that is what the Cartel would have to do. As Hutts and Humans from the Cartel filed in Gajjulla began his introductory speech.

<"Hello fellow Hutts and Humans of the Cartel, as most of you may know we have recently revealed ourselves to the galaxy again, I think this is a good thing but I also think that we need to plan ahead of ourselves, our tactics and strategies are very important. Before I suggest anything is there anything anybody has to say?">