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Approved Tech T-Enfield No 1

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  • Classification: Slugthower
  • Size: Average 1,26m
  • Weight: Average 4.19 kg
  • Ammunition Type: .303 rounds
  • Ammunition Capacity: 10 rounds

  • Reload Speed: Average
  • Effective Range: Long Range Effective 503 m (Max 2,743 m)
  • Rate of Fire: Average (15-20 aimed shots per minute bolt action)
  • Stopping Power: High
  • Recoil: Average
  • N/A
  • Long Range: An almost dedicate marksmen rifle the Enfiled works best at long range warfare, being precise and easy to aim.
  • Decent Reload: Despite being a bolt action rifle the Enfield sports a good reload time compared to other bolt action rifles.
  • Bolt Action: Though decent rate or fire this weapon is still a bolt action rifle and thus is not something to go up against submarine guns
Upon the formation of the Tythe military it did not take long for them to come up with the idea of self produced and supplied weapon, knowing that there was the possibility of a shortage of arms or other issues that the CIS could face limiting the access of weapons for the planetary militia's. To start of the line of production it was recommended that the principality start with a basic long-mid range rifle, such done due to the present peaceful times that the planet was under but also due to simplicity of such a weapon.

Though to be a main feature for Royal Units and civilians alike Chikako expressed interest in having such a weapons mainly reserved for sharp shooters or a back up weapons knowing full well a more versatile weapon for the military would be developed later on. As such while still being a military model the TE No1 is mainly used by the Tytheish Royal Fusiliers and the Highlander regiments.
Hey I'll be judging your sub today!

So I only have one problem thus far. The rate of fire states you can fire off 30 shots per minute. Effectively that is 2 seconds per shot and for a bolt action rifle that seems nearly impossible given the time it takes to negotiate the bolt and re-acquire your target. I feel for a fast bolt action rifle you're looking at 6-10 seconds just to work the bolt and reload.

[member="Chikako Liona"]
I was going off the Wiki page for the Enfiled which I believe was spring assisted which helped give it the almost legendary rapid firing rate, but I have changed rate of fire to 15-20 shots per minute. [member="Adron Malvern"]
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