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Approved Planet T-ANJD-67Y - Dead Planet Contest

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Vilgalan from Warhammer 40k

  • Planet Name: T-ANJD-67Y
  • Demonym: N/A
  • Region: Wild Space
  • System Name: T-ANJD System
  • System Features:
  • Single red giant star
  • 1 planet - T-ANJD-67Y
  • No moons orbiting planet
  • No Asteroid belts
  • Single comet travels around the system once every 129 years.
  • Suspected system to die in 1,000 years due to star collapsing.
  • Coordinates: 19, 18
  • Major Imports: N/A
  • Major Exports: Suspected to be rich "rivers" of metal on the planet, trapped gases of Hydrogen, Helium and Carbon Monoxide.
  • Gravity: 0.7G
  • Climate: Arid, frozen on the poles and scorching hot around the equator
  • Primary Terrain: Flat salt plains and rocky terrain with iced caps.

  • Major Locations:
Lost Lands - Dead Planet by Kubeen

The Forgotten City


*Audio file clicks into life*

"This is Doctor Swashi, here with Doctor Luhikaj and Professor Ghasawe. We are here to inspect the ruins that were discovered on the planet, T-ANJD-67Y, which was previously assumed to be a lifeless world. There is heavily suspicion that the Netherworld created lifeforms to appear on the world. Although, this cannot be confirmed."

*Doctor Swashi coughs ready to continue before another person speaks*

"Doctor Swashi! Come here, this tablet, it predates the Republic! I am sure of it!"

"Impossible! The Old Republic scanned this planet for life years ago! Nothing was here, it was empty world!"

"But Doctor look at this, these depictions, it states that the lifeforms saw a craft flying in the sky. That would have been the probe!"

*Doctor Swashi then looks over the tablet, incredulous as she then speaks into the recorder.*

"It seems that all our theories on these lifeforms were incorrect, they seem to have existed for thousands, possibly millions of years. Yet somehow, stayed hidden from the Republic. Incredible! I knew there was a reason to come to this planet!"



Cremotoria from Chronicles of Riddick

Valley of the Haunted


*Recorder boots up, gentle breeze is heard in background.* "This is Doctor Luhikaj, Doctor Swashi decided to remain at the city ruins and investigate there more while me and Professor Ghasawe, our head translator, are visiting this unusual rock formation."

"Yes, from what we have learnt it is called the Valley of the Haunted, one can tell why, agree Doctor Luhikaj?"

"Definitely, the wind seems to cause a whispering effect through the rocks, it sounds as if there are words being spoken but I cannot make sense of it. Can you?"

*Silence falls, no breeze continues for the rest of the audio file*

"Run... Yes, definitely run... Death shall come... I am definitely getting that too. This is perhaps too creepy, I recommend that we stay away from here from now on."

"Agreed... What was that noise?"

"I... Run, Doctor! Ruu..."

*Audio file ends in static.*



Photo of Mars

The Great Expanse


"This is Doctor Swashi with Professor Ghasawe, we are exploring a little of the Great Expanse. The desert seems to cover most of the planet, however, from the surface scans there were images caught of a river made from an unknown metal. That is what we are coming here to inspect, correct Professor?"

"Yes... Yes... Metal river... Do you hear that Saran? I swear I can hear something moving." *No recorded noise moving or speaking can heard.*

"No Professor, are you okay? Ever since you and Doctor Luhikaj returned from the Valley, you seem to be a little spooked..."

*Silence falls for a minute, then a soft sobbing is heard from the Professor.*

"I can't stand it here anymore Saran, this planet isn't natural! Something very sinister is here, I can feel it!"

"Please calm down, you need to conserve your oxygen in your Envo-suit Professor. I can't hear anything, this planet is dead. All scans prove that!" *Doctor Swashi sounding very concern for her Professor who is still sobbing.*

"It's... It's here... Saran... I can't take it."

"Professor! No, you must leave your Envo-suit on!" *noise of a click and gas escaping, following that there is a gasping of breath and frantic screaming from a female voice.*


Artistic Depiction of Venus by Detlev Van Ravenswaay

Lost Tombs of Ja'liar


"This is Doctor Luhikaj, I have decided to travel alone to this area. Leaving Professor Ghasawe with Doctor Swashi. Since the Valley, the Doctor has become more paranoid that the planet has life on it. However, I see more clearly. This planet is death, we would be able to smell it if there were air to breath. I am hoping to find evidence in the Tombs of the species, which I have called Ja'liar, from the texts that the Professor decoded it means The Dead Ones. Perhaps we are all Ja'liar, at least those that visit this planet."

*Footsteps move forward with heavy breathing through an Envo-suit* "This location, was said to have underneath the surface a catacombs of tombs. I am thinking that inside them there will be knowledge of what is killing this planet's lifeforms."

*Noises of sand being shifted as Doctor Luhikaj gives laboured breathing.* "Nearly... there... Yessss... This is what we want!"

*Silence for several minutes before insect like clicking loudly occurs before more silence then mutterings of Doctor Luhikaj.*

"Yessss... Yesssss... They must die... We must ensure.... No one leaves...."

*Audio cuts to loud static*


  • Native Species: Ja'liar
  • Immigrated Species: N/A
  • Population: Uninhabited
  • Demographics: N/A
  • Primary Languages: Unknown
  • Culture: Unknown
  • Government: Unknown
  • Affiliation: N/A
  • Wealth: N/A
  • Stability: N/A
  • Freedom & Oppression: N/A

  • Military: N/A
  • Technology: N/A


*Doctor Swashi, human female, aged roughly in her late 20's appears on the screen. Behind her are two human males, one in their 50's and the other in their 30's. They appear busy at work writing on their own datapads.*

"Finally, after years of pleading with the now dead Galactic Republic and now the Galactic Alliance, Professor Ghasawe has received funding to travel to one of the furthest planets in our galaxy. The reason for this is to see if the recent horrific events have changed the once thought dead world. Perhaps it could be a survivable planet now or have more planets in the system after the Netherworld. It's just so exciting!" *She pauses briefly then picks up notes that she has on her datapad.*

"From what we could gather, the planet was named T-ANJD-67Y, primarily named after the system T-ANJD and the fact it takes 67 years to rotate around it's Red Giant Star. The planet wasn't given an official name due to the lack of civilisation and no ability to sustain life. However, we believe that life is now possible with the Netherworld tragedy and hopefully we will find something remarkable! Isn't that right Professor?"

"Yes, Saran, we do believe that. Now, please turn your personal recorder off, let us put together some notes on what we know of the planet Doctors Swashi and Luhikaj."

"Yes Professor!"



*Doctor Swashi now in what appears to be her personal room, behind the desk with a bed in the background. Her face is lit up with excitement.*

"It is better than we could have hoped for! It seems that the Professor was right, the Netherworld tragedy did affect the planet. There are sign that life did exist on the planet. However, it seems they have now died. Although to have built the structures they did, they must have been as technologically advanced as us. But they never made contact. It seems so strange. But it doesn't matter, the Professor is taking us down to the surface, although there won't be any breathable air, we will have Envo-suits and a sealed base of operations too. I can't wait to explore, our first day shall be in what we call the Forgotten City. I named that one!"




*Doctor Swashi appears somewhat puzzled as she pours over a very dated datapad.*

"This can't be right. This datapad states that there was a Republic science team that visited the planet 500 BBY, over a thousand years ago. Stating that there was signs of life. But we had no records of this. Only records were from early scans of the system in the Old Republic's exploration, signs indicated that life was non-existent and no former life appeared to exist. Hence why no one had ever travelled to this planet before us. But... But this datapad states that the Republic funded the research and initial signs show that the planet's lifeforms were once more technologically advanced than the Republic was at the time. Astounding but I do have some concerns. What happened to these Republic scientists? Why is there no record of this trip?

I shall have to speak to Professor Ghasawe about it, him and Doctor Luhikaj are returning from their exploration of the Valley soon."



*Audio clicks into life but no visuals are available.*

"Oh no, oh no! Professor Ghasawe committed suicide! He removed his helmet while we were exploring the large desert, searching for the river of metal we saw from orbit. Oh, please no. He kept saying he was hearing something but the recording didn't pick anything up and I couldn't hear anything! What will I tell Covar! He worshipped the Professor!" *Sobbing is heard from Doctor Swashi.*



*Picture flicks into life. Insect clicking can be heard in the background. Doctor Luhikaj is cuffed and tied to a chair. Doctor Swashi is standing to one side.*

"Why? Why did you attack me Covar?!"

"Die! We... Must... Die!" *clicking is louder after he speaks.* "They demand blood. Dark Harvest shall return!"

"No! That was ended years ago! We tried to help stop that, don't you remember?" *Doctor Swashi now visibly terrified.*

"Ack... Yes... No... They can't let... us live... Help... Run... Arghhhhhhhh!" *Doctor Luhikaj is throw up in the air and then slammed down on the ground. His body vanishes before Doctor Swashi can approach him.*

"No! Covar! NOOOO!" *Doctor Swashi screams as she attempts to find the body*



*Doctor Swashi appears on screen, visibly tired and unsettled.*

"It has been so long, I can't tell when one day ends and another begins... I can't reach the ship that brought us here. Trapped... All I have is this useless research. This planet is dead but somehow... Not. I can't find any bodies. Only items I can gather is technology and metals. I looked into the sword that Covar tried to stab me with, it was made from a blend of metals I've not seen before. Definitely rare metals, Possibly a mix of Durasteel and a rare metal that I can't identify. I was never good with weaponry, that was Covar's speciality. I hope wherever he is now, he has peace. I was able to get more from the datapad, it states that the natives of the planet were wiped out by an unknown cause. They put it down to a virus. However, I doubt that this was a virus, certainly not remains of the Gulag plague. No records indicate that the decease would vanish.

I suspect that there is an entity much more powerful than any we have met before, it was able to hide any scans that the old Republic tried to conduct when they first found the planet. I also believe that the entity is able to hide the bodies of its victims. Possibly send them to the Netherworld, I wouldn't know. I might try to conduct scans of the area, attempt to prove my point.... Wait... I hear something..."

*Silence falls, no background noise is heard.*

"It's here. I am transmitting all recordings now. Do not send anyone else. I repeat. Do not send anyone else. And do not attempt to recover this base. Tell my parents I loved them!"

*Doctor Swashi then gives a teary wave goodbye before being pulled into by an invisible force into another room. Screams are heard for a few seconds before nothing.*



///....Probe was sent to planet surface.
...No bodies were recovered....
....Blood drawing of fanged monster....
....Mission declared failure... Travel to planet highly forbidden.... Official records stricken of planet....

Yuroic Xeraic said:
Possibly a mix of Durasteel and Cortosis but I can't be sure.
Cortosis is a restricted material, I believe if you won you had the chance to add an 'RM' to your planet but not before. In case the win goes to someone else and such. I'd recomment changing "Cortosis" to something else for the time being.

Yuroic Xeraic said:
Native Species: Ja'liar
What's this?
[member="Kaili Talith"]

I thought as I put possibly that mixture I could get away with later stating it was not that mixture whether or not I won.

And Ja'liar was the name given to the species found on the planet, I thought I explained this clearly during the Lost Tombs of Ja'liar location description. If you want me to make it clearer, will do.
Yuroic Xeraic said:
If you want me to make it clearer, will do.
Ooops, sorry! I must have brainfarted when reading. My bad. No, the description is good but I would still recommend changing Cortosis for the moment, just in case. Either way it is an edit that would happen after the competition has ended, therefore it's better to make it something else for the time being.

So please change Cortosis to something else -- or remove it -- and I'll go ahead and stamp this for approval afterwards. :)
[member="Yuroic Xeraic"]

I'd say so. While it's a bit vague it also offers no clue or indication to what it could be and what its properties are which is good enough for me to go ahead and stamp this for approval.

I'll do just that. ;)

Approved, pending secondary.

[member="Mahet"] // [member="Zeradias Mant"]
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