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Sydney Ramek

"I've made a choice Father; To live my own life on my own terms, I know I've disappointed you. But you've got to let me go."
Name: Sydney Lyra Ramek
Alias(s): Nightingale
Age: 19
Race: Human
Culture: First Imperial
Skill(s): military drill, marksmanship, advanced first aid, fieldcraft, camouflage & concealment, survival & evasion, military communication, military flying, slicing.
Rank: Contractor
Title(s): Contractor, Operator, Citizen (First Order).
Force Sensitivity: No
Ship: Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor [Late Model, Deflector Shields & Reinforced Hull]

Physical Description: Sydney Lyra Ramek is a tallish woman who stands at exactly 1.82 meters (5'11") tall marking her taller than even a large portion of Human men and is built up with a thin petite elegance that belies the impressive cardiovascular strength and muscular endurance concealed beneath; Elegant yet strong not like the brutish Star Destroyers that her homeland's navy utilises. Sydney's jaw is heart-shaped with a convex rounded forehead and a sharp largish nose hanging above a pair of thin pursed lips concealing straightened and white teeth; The result of extensive orthodontics. Sydney's eyes are a startling ocean blue contained in attractive almond-shaped sockets that help accentuate the blonde hair that grows from her crown, with defined arched eyebrows sitting above them. Sydney typically ties this hair into a short ponytail when wearing her Katarn-class armour.
Gender: Female
Build: Thin
Skin Colour: Pale
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Uncommon or Specific Features?:
  • Sydney wears a pair of diamond stud earrings; One in each ear and refuses to take them out without exception. They were a gift to Sydney from her Mother when Sydney turned thirteen years old.
  • With the capability to be an ambidextrous shooter Sydney has no issue with holstering the DC-17m in a left thigh holster.
Character Personality: Sydney is first and foremost an idealist and free-thinker who enjoys immersing herself into the arts but also has a stronger preoccupation with adventure and exploration coupled with a desire to "Do good." In the Galaxy on her own terms away from the First Order albeit never forgetting where it is she comes from. Sydney's confidence is a fragile one; backed by wealth and some of the finest technology credits can buy she still feels a feeling of inadequacy brought on by her life experiences and the constant spectre of disappointment that looms with Admiral Ramek's gaze; Her Father. Sydney's fear of inadequacy at times leads to a certain indecisiveness when confronted with important decisions with most decisions in her life leading up to her flight from Dosuun having been made by others; Either her Professor mother or Admiral of a Father. Though the most important decision Sydney ever made was the most pivotal in her life thus far, to leave her homeworld and put the military training she received with the Navy to use. Sydney feels lonely at times in the great universe were it not for Teepee her loyal droid companion she might lose sight of the home she left behind. Sydney's loyalty to her family is unshakable less so to the First Order albeit she won't betray her own government as doing so would by extension be a betrayal by Sydney unto her own parents. Nor does she wish to be known as a criminal in her own home, so she keeps herself held to a strict and decidedly Imperial code of behaviour conduct that sees Sydney valuing a healthy level of self-control with a view that physical violence is ultimately barbaric. Sydney's emotional resilience is quite high although she's kept in a state characterised by a general malaise or depression.

Character Habits/Quirks:
  • Sydney's legs jolt up and down off of her feet when anxious.
  • Rubs at jawline when deep in thought.
  • Religiously observes afternoon tea every day where Sydney will prepare tea and biscuits for herself and potentially teammates to enjoy in true Avalonian Style.
Character Backstory:
"After visiting a planet like Jakku, I have a newfound appreciation for my pool."
-Sydney to her Astromech droid after visiting Jakku​
  • Sydney Ramek was born on Dosuun inside the city of Avalonia into an upper-class family of government figures and military personnel. Sydney's childhood was characterised by wealth and a psycho-emotional hole that would leave the child with lasting self-esteem issues that contribute to a chronic feeling of helplessness without the intervention of a strong paternal or maternal authority figure. This would eventually lead Sydney to rebel against traditional convention and the looming attention of her parents around the age of adolescence. As a child, Sydney had a fear of crowded spaces and required a level of counselling. Admiral Ramek rewarded his child daughter by taking her out aboard an Upsilon-Command shuttle from time-to-time, even a young Sydney could appreciate the freedom that came with the ability to fly and the fantasy of flying fills her imagination well and truly into adulthood.
  • Avalonia would forever be Sydney's home and she holds fondly onto the memories of her Father taking her out to the shooting range at the age of ten-years-old. It was one of the few things Jorhan Ramek showed outward approval for; His daughter's performance with the low-powered antique E-11 Blaster made Jorhan visibly happy and Sydney reciprocated this happiness with pride having made her Father proud. Sydney's Mother; Emma Ramek was less than pleased her daughter had been won over by Jorhan to take up a blaster rifle and shoot at targets, believing it cast a poor omen for her daughter's future. To placate his wife Jorhan consented to have Sydney take drawing and painting classes although Sydney had already been won over; Sydney was her Father's Daughter. Drawn to the adventure that the stars promised with their soft glimmer in the evening sky. Sydney would coo with wonder at the stories Jorhan would tell to his daughter of the evening after reading her stories of his own service in the First Imperial Navy and where it took him.

"I think it is time to get out the tea and biscuits, father?"
-Sydney asking her Father if it is time for afternoon Tea​
  • Sydney's adolescent years arrive and with them comes to the typical rebellion exhibited in youth, she retreated into her flying lessons and steadily the austere attentiveness paid to her studies at school declines with wanderlust taking a firm hold over her. Sydney stops attending her art classes that she is mandated to attend by Emma and opts instead for the rifle range with Jorhan who continually scolds his daughter for failing his academic and physical aspirations. This lasts for years and Sydney becomes progressively depressed and will have a lingering psycho-social effect on her development. Eventually, Sydney becomes indefinitely grounded within the confines of the Ramek's large family home located in uptown Avalonia complete with servants and droid guards. Sydney came to know nothing but the walls of her classrooms at the academy and pestering of noble and dedicated tutors. Though from this far forward Sydney proves that she is too insistent, argumentative and defiant to be controlled or commanded without being given a level of respect and responsibility.
  • One evening Emma and Jorhan arrive home following a date out on the town to find their seventeen-year-old daughter had finally snapped and offered up an insult her parents simply couldn't ignore. She'd been doing better at school, at the top of all of her classes in her senior year and pegged by her teachers to receive the Dux award at graduation. Sydney had smashed all of Emma's precious fine dining cutlery and crockery. Emma in a fit of rage attacked her tall daughter; clasping at Sydney's blouse and slapping her firmly straight across the cheek and pulling her aside, fiercely scolding her with a hushed tone in sight of their servants. Though Jorhan's love for his daughter is great albeit could do more to be expressed. What Jorhan did express was his insistence on seeing Sydney succeed and climb the ranks of the Imperial Navy as he had done. That evening after Sydney criticised the cult of personality surrounding the supreme leader to her Mother and Father, refused to help their servants clean up the mess she'd created. And so Jorhan sits Sydney down and tells her to join the First Imperial Navy as an Officer post-graduation, it goes without saying Sydney was left with little choice in the matter by Jorhan who threatened to disown her should Sydney refuse. Though secretly he never truly would have made good on that threat, it was real to Sydney all the same and helped to deepen her depression.

"I once panned someone in the mouth because they frightened me?"
-Sydney explaining the most extreme act of violence she has ever committed, prior to leaving Dosuun as an ApeX Private Military Contractor​
  • Sydney fulfilled her Father's demand to join the First Imperial Navy although she flunked her aptitude test and received poor job opportunities as a result. Sydney decided to nominate the position of Security Officer though enlisted entry much to Jorhan's frustration with Sydney's constant thwarting of the comfortable life he wanted her to lead. Although, he begrudgingly permitted such a thing, not willing to follow through with his bluff. Jorhan thought at the least maybe one day she'd be recognised as having the required intellect and gutsy to be nominated for attendance at the Officer Academy after climbing the ranks of junior and senior NCOs. Sydney chafed in the military environment; told what to think, what to eat and what to feel. Repetitive drills day after day, this was not the life she wanted to live, could she try her hand at a career in art? Or maybe even as a pilot in the civil sector? Sydney couldn't remain idle aware of her own sense of depression the downward spiral it would take after being disowned by her own parents, whom Sydney wanted to make so proud though on her own terms in her own way.
  • With the completion of the Navy's basic military training, Sydney moves onto her employment training as a Security Officer with the Naval Criminal Investigation Service. At this point, Sydney had already grown disenfranchised with the Navy; The sheer level of control that was demanded from her Sydney could not provide, though she couldn't deny the sense of wonder she got when staring out the window of a Star Destroyer. In a lapse of judgement during a lesson, Sydney blew up at her condescending company commander who she criticised as someone who led through fear as opposed to by an example and how this was both dishonourable and not worth the title of "Imperial". Instead of punishing Sydney right there and then, the company commander pardoned her action but decided to opt for collective punishment of the company so as to foster collective resent for Sydney from the Company. After enduring an afternoon of gruelling physical training and returning to the lines for Lights out. The four sailors who shared Sydney's room dragged the young woman from her bed while she slept and savagely beat her.
  • Sydney receives facial reconstruction as part of her treatment for the injuries she suffered at the hands of her classmates. For a time she decides to continue for a time with the Naval Criminal Investigation Service initial employment training before having a tear-filled nervous breakdown and making a call home to her Father. Sydney apologised for her failure and stated her intent to drop out from her IETs under a psychological discharge, Jorhan's initial reaction was one of irritation though not towards Sydney's self-perceived sense of failure but the fact he couldn't understand her through the hysteria. It was across the holonet in this call that Jorhan confesses that he never intended to disown Sydney if she should fail and that he would personally come to collect her from the Academy.
  • The first steps towards the family mending their incredibly strained relationship had been taken. Jorhan and Emma finally acknowledging that Sydney had been born into a different time, under different circumstances and had become her own person. Sydney returned home frightened and traumatised by her experience in the First Imperial Navy and it left her with an increased distrust and cynicism of the military and government. After recovering psychologically from her ordeal with the help of a doctor, Sydney reluctantly agrees to leave their home for the first time to accompany her parents to a military ball on Prosperia. This is where Sydney encountered the Primate Military Contractors from Apex and after mustering the courage to talk to one becomes interested in Military Contracting. After Jorhan talks to Sydney extensively on the topic of Military Contracting including multiple warnings Sydney about how dangerous the galaxy is. And not dissuading Sydney from her insistence on trying her hand at Contractor work, Jorhan and Emma submit and with great hesitation put their moral and financial support behind their daughter's decision to apply to join ApeX.

Character Affiliation:
Character Future: Sydney Ramek will be exploring the galaxy without a doubt and possibly even seek employment with a respectable Private Military Contracting organisation somewhere. While she has a concealed dislike for her own homeland's policies she will refuse to fight the First Order and will not affiliate herself with organisations that wish to damage the First Order. As both of her parents hold a prominent position in Government and Military organisations.
  • Fears Physical Confrontations: Sydney has a paralysing fear Physical Confrontations; She was beaten to the point of requiring facial reconstruction while in the First Order's Navy and is so terrified of being beaten again that Sydney will relent to get close to or attack a physically powerful opponent if they are close by. Or even be too paralysed by this fear to come to the aid of an ally in desperate need if the attacker themselves is physically imposing. This fear doesn't extend to droids or vehicles, however, mainly large and savage looking organics such as Wookies, Trandoshans and Gamorreans.
  • Little close-quarters training: To compound the issue her fear of physical confrontations creates. Sydney has little training in unarmed fighting techniques and with the strength output of a wet noodle, it is fairly easy for a trained individual to overcome her in a scuffle. It is for this reason that Sydney carries two pistols and two vibroblades in addition to the one concealed in her armour's gauntlets so hopefully, she can avoid a prolonged grapple or fist battle, to begin with.
  • Naval Criminal Investigation Services: Sydney possesses a healthy amount of Navy Training where she was training as a member of Naval Criminal Investigation Services; trained in close personal protection detail, explosive ordnance disposal and unconventional warfare. Sydney has all the skills valued in a professional military contractor coming with galaxy-class training provided by a feared military driven by tradition stretching back almost one-thousand years to the days of the Galactic Empire. Exercising peak efficiency in a dynamic and exciting operational environment.
  • Natural-born pilot: Though Sydney hasn't developed her flying skills as much as she could, she demonstrates a consistently high level of performance in comparison to her training hinting towards some innate skill within the confines of her light interceptors cockpit. Unfortunately for Sydney her stellar performance behind the HOTAS is limited to her Eta-2 Class Light Interceptor beyond this she isn't very skilled nor proficient in the operation of other space or aircraft.
NPCs Commanded:
  • R4 Astromech Droid "Teepee": Teepee is Sydney's Astromech droid companion who has become quite sassy as a result of Sydney refusing to mind-wipe the bold little astromech droid who often likes to impart on Sydney "Old" and wise advice through his several hundred years existence. The Astromech droid is equipped with a variety of tools which he can turn into weapons should "His Sydney" Be threatened; Protecting the young human woman with a fierce loyalty that the budding mercenary returns.

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