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SWRP Chaos IC Darwin Awards

Jorus Merrill

is mek bote
@[member="Mirien Valdier"] and I have decided that this needs to happen.

For the uninitiated, the Darwin Awards are given to those exemplary individuals who are most successful at removing themselves from the gene pool, either by castration or by death.


SWRP nominations that come to mind:

Darren Brunswick, Senator of the Republic, went to the Omega Protectorate for help backing a regime change. They recorded it and played the recording in the Senate. He promptly jumped out of his Senate seat and splatted on the floor. French judge gives a 7.7. Sadly, this gem of a thread was lost in the great crash of '13.

Rach Kol-Rekali. Dark Masters are indestructible, right? Never make fatal mistakes? Well, what happens when a Dark Master goes charging off to tackle the kind of organized military withdrawal that involves covering one's bases with a nuclear warhead? That's right, a Dark Master charging a nuke with every intent of disarming it. And then the nuke went off before he could get there. RIP, Rach. Good times.

For the life of me, I cannot remember this Hutt's name. He tried to stage a coup against Domino and the other Black Sun/Hutt Cartel leaders, and got crushed in a fleet engagement. He perished while trying to cram himself into an escape pod. It was too small for him.

Toss in your nominations! Best deaths (or similar removals from the gene pool).

Verz Horak

Darjetii Kyramud
@[member="Fabula Cavataio"]

Because I'm about to strangle her

Verz Horak

Darjetii Kyramud
And I will never forget Rach's bravery. I wanted to murder every single Deathwatch member with my own hands.


Hunting Again
Darren's legacy of stupidity is everlasting.

I can't think of too many characters that have died a permanent death. All the ones that come to mind have returned in some way, so I doubt they would count.

Verz Horak

Darjetii Kyramud
And "splat" goes someone nearby.

I just rolled a 20, so my resurrection spell works.
I'll let this fly, but if it turns into an insult thread or drama llamas get summoned, I'm shutting this thread down faster than a Gundam Wing Factory Submission in front of @[member="Ayden Cater"].