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Approved Tech SVD-97 Surveillance Droid

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Intent: To introduce to the market a droid capable of, to a degree, hunting down stealth field generator-equipped troops.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Defiance Consolidated Multipurpose Manufacturing
Model: Surveillance Droid
Affiliation: Sith Empire
Modularity: Yes
Production: Minor
Material: Durasteel(frame), duraplast(glowing bits)
Description: Slow and lanky, the SVD-97 was the result of experiments done with the Sith Stealth Field Armor, in order to detect how such an armor equipped with a stygium cloak could be detected. The result was a system, far from perfect, that attempted to see cloaked individuals by observing secondary and tertiary signs of a cloaked individual. Signs such as warm boot-shaped impressions or hand-prints, the detection of a high concentration of metal(such as would be worn by someone wearing durasteel or bronzium armor), or the faint distortion caused in a cloaking field by someone moving are all other potential methods for a stygium-using soldier to be tracked, scouted, and eventually, snuffed out.

However, the SVD-97 does have a few distinct flaws. With a mind based on that of a labor droid chief, it will very often follow a pre-programmed pattern - it will look into a room and scan across either from left to right or right to left with its various sensing equipment. If it detects tertiary signs of a cloaked individual, it will follow them and continue to scan. If it detects secondary signs, it will call for other soldiers or droids to investigate. The droid is poorly armored and equipped for combat - the energy shield was added to keep it intact for long enough that it could escape an ambushing trooper. As well, the monocam helmet gives the droid's scanners and sensors a very limited range of sensing at any one time, and it cannot sense behind objects - meaning that it's very much not a foolproof system. Nevertheless, it is the only droid currently on the market with any capabilities of hunting cloaked troopers.

Classification: Fifth-Degree(With some Fourth-Degree subroutines)
Weight: 200kg

Height: 2m
Movement: Bipedal
Armaments: None, can be equipped with a blaster rifle
Misc. Equipment: Magnetic sensor array, distortion filters, thermal sensors, energy shield
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Manufacturer: Subach-Innes
Affiliation: Independent

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