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Support Division

Rebellious Vanguard
Okay. So, it's come to my attention that while we have all these great amazing front line units, they all seem to lack one thing. A dedicated support chain. Snipers aren't much without blaster fire to cover them. Against larger numbers infantry can wiped out without if they can't call in assistance. Vehicles need repairs, and plenty of other stuff. So, with the go ahead of our wonderful Lady Protector, I'm looking to create that dedicated support OP. Mechanics, artillery men, snipers, recon, intel, infiltration. I'm looking for all types of skills to be the base that holds up OP's fierce military. And it's not just for the PMC side, but ODF as well. There pilots needed to make bomb runs and such! So..with that out of the way....

Who's interested?
The army has supprt units. They just are not all listed. MICO is intel and id headed by Moira Skaldi and has actually been very active in several plots, like delivering intel by breaking Bando Gora prisoners and providing policy advice for both Lady Protectors. Likewise we would have snipers (1st OP has a battalion with a strong sniper contingent) mechanics etc. - and these units would not be all lumped together. Likewise artillery exists - once the Factory reopens I'll be making a submission for the Typhoon self-propelled rocket launcher - we'll actually see artillery blowing Bando Gora to pieces on Gehenna.

Exarch Siobhan Kerrigan de facto heads the ground forces these days. Presumably the ODF would have something like a Corps of Engineers.
Rebellious Vanguard
Ah. Well, this idea wasn't meant to replace the support lines already there. It would be more like certain ones that follow into battle with the main force to provide assistance. Think of them in terms of basketball. This group would be like the second strings. They're there to back up the starters when they're tired, but without them the game isn't won. Just an idea to to try and get some more involved in these types of events when we're supposedly outnumbered by a sizable gap. Yet, a no is a no, and I'm not one to dwell on things. So, until I get another bright idea, I'll just sit back, enjoy my pay, and watch the show. Until someone makes a back door for me to slide through. :p
A formal submission is always welcome. I was merely clarifying. If you want to say create a division of mechanics or engineers, or even a recon/infiltration force for the army, then feel free. Showing initiative is never wrong! It's always swell when people want to expand upon what is already there. Support units in OP are integrated in a battalion - three assault companies, one company with the support personnel and armoured units.

Of course, the ODF is very big! It's the regular army after all.
Rebellious Vanguard
Well, when you put it like that.....

Change of plans people!! Instead of creating a support division, we are going to simply add to it. We'll add an Infiltration team who will work in tandem with....pretty much everyone. As I said previously, ODF and OP are both welcome to jump on this. Tech junkies will definitely be needed. That means slicers, explosive techs, data retrieval specialists. Pretty much anyone who could assist with infiltration-type jobs. So, with the go ahead from both our Lady Protector and the newest Exarch...

Who's interested?

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