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Sulen Dewan

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Name: Sulen Dewan

Alias: Dee

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 25



Weapon: DH-17 Blaster Pistol

Ship: HLAF-500 Starfighter

Personality: She has a hard to crack attitude. Everybody she has allowed close to her have all perished, so Sulenn has decided not to let people get too close to her heart. She has been taught to be a perfectionist and expect perfection from those around her. She has untrained leadership and Force skills.

Strengths and weaknesses: When given an objective, she gives it her full attention, crack shot with her blaster, competent Starfighter, stubborn, strong willed, short tempered.

Face: Bald head and dark brown eyes.

Upper Clothing: Black long sleeved shirt with two white stripes at the collar.

Lower Clothing: Black form fitting pants and black almost knee high boots.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 120lbs

Appearance Extras: Reddish Orange tattoo on the left side of her forehead that looks similar to a dragon head. Matching color eyeshadow.

Extra Belongings: A Shadowtrooper armor

Home planet: Artus Prime

Force-Sensitive: Yes

In the years following the fall of Palpatine's empire, the planet Ardus Prime was takes control of by the Dark Jedi Desann. He led the Imperial Remnant there and started the Shadowtrooper project.

Sulen's parents were just a couple of the many people involved in this experiment. They were infused with the Force and became Shadowtroopers. Soon after this, the colony was taken back from the Empire by Kyle Katarn and became part of the New Republic. The colonists went back to their lives of farming or mining, but the ability to use the Force was passed onto the next generation.

Sulen was born and was taught to respect authority from a very early age. Between the ages of four and five, her parents took her to Yavin IV to be tested to see if she could use the Force. It was found she could and Sulen started training at the Jedi Academy. There she made one close friend, Brakkas. He was soon tainted with the Dark Side and she soon followed him down that path. When he was defeated, she left Yavin and returned home to find her parents had died in a pirate raid on the crystal mine there. The house abandoned and left to fall to ruin. She sat down in the middle of the room and cried.

Sulen felt alone in the Galaxy and vowed to never allow anybody close to her heart again. Almost everything good died within her that day and anything else left within her was locked away. Her heart is guarded by a shield so strong, Sulen doesn't even know it is there.

As her emotions fade away, Sulen spies her parents weapons and armor from when they were Shadowtroopers. She takes them away with her when she leaves Artus Prime for the last time.

She knew that as a young teenage girl, she couldn't make it in the Galaxy on her own and enrolled herself in a military academy to keep herself out of trouble and off the streets. To pay for the tuition, she had no choice but to hock off one of the Shadowtrooper armor and blaster. In order to get food and clothes, Sulen did odd jobs for the school.

Remembering her Force training as just a vague memory and lived off the skills taught by the military school. After graduation, Sulen enlisted in the military.

Soon after her career started, she was given orders to report to the a scientific outpost. While there, like her parents before, she was subjected to various tests and experiments. Given drugs to enhance her speed and stamina as well as strength. She never topped the boards, but there was an improvement from what she could do previously.

The last day of the experiment, she was locked away into an Oubliette or stasis casket. Why she didn't know, but it was not her place to question orders given to her. Climbing in, they sealed the lid and that was the last thing Sulen remembered.