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Sudden Changes

Hey, everyone!

Me again, just wanted to let you guys in on what's going on with the faction at the moment.

With [member="Sorel Crieff"] gracefully stepping down as FO and GM, I have taken it upon myself to return to the role of Faction Owner temporarily until we can hold another vote. Nominations will be open tomorrow May 6th with the actual vote taking place on the 7th.

Along with Sorel having stepped down, I have also relieved [member="Matsu Ike"] from her duties as Faction Admin. There are far too many reasons for why Matsu is no longer fit to hold such an office to list, so I won't list them here. Some of which are blunders made IC, while many more were made OOC. The pile can only get so big before it topples over.

Please excuse the sudden shift in leadership positions! Come next week we will have decided on our next Faction Leader and hopefully get back on track, including the ongoing invasion of Dromund Kaas.

- Thurion

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