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Strong For The Sake Of Others [Self Training]

King of Midvinter
OOC: This is to an ongoing self training thread for Thurion, and will take place in various locations and over the course of several sessions during his time as a Knight.

Session one
Aboard the Seren Heritage
Kessel Sector, on route to Umbara

The course had been set, and his presence was no longer needed for the rest of the trip. With a quick glance the Knight witnessed the ship jump to lightspeed, before running a hand through his hair and getting up from the Captain's chair. This was his first time piloting a ship all on his own, without anyone supervising him or offering guidance. He was all alone, on his own in the grand galaxy, having left the secluded serenity of the temple on Teth, but more importantly, the people residing there. While only a couple hours since having said his goodbyes to them all, he missed them dearly; Jax, Tey, Qae, Jericho... Daux. His family. He'd been in their care for over seven years now, and had spent all that time in training and practising the art of healing under the tutelage of Teynara, as well as honing his skills in Djem So while guided by Jaxton, both masters in their respective fields. They had both succeeded to lay a steady foundation for the recently promoted Knight, which he was given on the first day of his 20th year.

Stepping down from the bridge and out into the main hold of his ship, the Seren Heritage, he rubbed his neck as he wandered through the emptiness, listening to the echoes of his own footsteps. He felt as if he had shrunk into the body of an eight-year-old once more, expecting to bump into Master Asha at every turn; embracing her, despite not being able to reach above her waist, glancing up to meet her inviting smile with his own, just before her soft, delicate hand would move to ruffle his hair. Sadly, it was not to become true, for she was now long dead, and he had grown into a strong, capable young man, with the great wisdom of his late master on his shoulders. This also meant he was well aware of the concept of the dead becoming one with the Living Force, meaning she would never be truly gone. That being said, nothing pained him more than realising time and again that she was not to come back to him. While weighing him down immensely, it also made him stronger in the end; all the people he had lost during his youth imprinted themselves onto him, lending their strength whenever he needed it. Their memory would remain in him, and he would honour them with every action he would take.

Making his way to his private chambers, an almost spartan room with little else than a bed in it, Thurion paused as he entered. The sight of a small, white pebble sitting atop his nightstand beside one of the white flowers he'd often pick for his Daux to put in her hair, forced a smile upon his lips. "I'll keep you safe", he whispered, eyes closed. Taking a deep breath, he slowly exhaled as he placed himself down onto the floor, assuming a meditative stance. Lately he had found a source of joy in meditating, as it sharpened his senses and wits, as well as granting him peace when feeling weary. His great strength and size alike had both come to him naturally, and so he felt the need to widen his wisdom in equal amounts; one has to know when to strike, on top of being able to. His weary thoughts become like leaves, fluttering about in the autumn wind, as it cleansed his mind of unease and the world around him in general. There was only the present.

Then, as he remained sat in meditative trance, it felt as if he could hear the words of his Umbaran childhood friend speaking to him, whispering into his ear. What she said appeared as mere mumbling, yet he understood the meaning behind them. Various items within the room began to shudder lightly, before being gently grasped by an invisible aura and made to soar through the air. Slowly bringing them over to his person, they started hovering around him in a circular motion. One of these items where the white flower from atop his nightstand, along with the shiny pebble it had rested beside. Extending his open palm the flower landed upon it, bringing a slight smile to his lips as he opened his eyes. The flower was dying, he could feel it. It was the Living Force making itself known to him, and he could sense the life force surrounding it. It saddened him to know the little flower would not likely survive the trip, so much so that he placed his other hand on top of it, keeping it in cupped withing his palms.

He could feel every part of it; from the stalk to the very edge of the petals. It's lifeblood flowed through it, just as any person or creature, sustaining it and keeping it alive. Using what knowledge he had of the healing arts, granted to him by Teynara several years ago, he was able to channel a small portion of his essence into the tiny flower in his possession. He could not see the transformation - his eyes were closed, after all - but he could undoubtably feel it becoming stronger, more youthful, more alive. Remembering the constant warnings of his tutor, he knew not to overexert himself; the flower had life returned to it once again, and thus he opened his eyes and removed his hand to see a fresh flower, as if newly picked, resting against his palm. Rising to his feet, he walked over to the glass vase that had kept it alive this long, and put it back in the water. "There, all better now, aren't we?" Just as he did, the ship slipped out of lightspeed, and the ship's computor acknowledged that they had arrived at their set destination.