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Strike for the Heart

Darth Animus

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Byss, a world Darth Animus had heard much of in the past, though had never had the personal pleasure of visiting. A world that had a long history for its connection to the Dark Side of the Force. Deep within the Galactic Alliance, the world had been subdued, with any rising of Dark Side followers being ruthlessly crushed. However, with the Galactic Alliance crumbling even now, the chance to change the fate of this world and its people had finally come.

At the edge of the Byss system, a small flotilla of vessels of varying types moved towards the world. Spread out across them, the full might of the New Sith Order and its allies was gathered. They had a simple goal, liberate Byss of the iron grip of the Galactic Alliance, and establish themselves there. The move was more symbolic then it was realistic. The New Sith Order didn't have the resources yet to fully take and control a world, but to wipe out the Galactic Alliance garrison would go a long way to cementing their place as a rising force.

And perhaps, he would finally find the relic he had been searching for so long.

Turning away from the viewport of the Necros corvette he was on, Animus walked towards the rear of the vessel, passing the small crew as he made his way to the communications hub. Thumbing a few commands in, he looked up at the series of figures that appeared on the table, nodding his head to each of them in turn.

"It is time to begin."

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-This is an open thread for anyone who wants to join in.-
The Butcher
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"Follow." She stayed there as the mechanical breathing came to the sith lord... eyes going over what she could see. Her life preservation suit was gleaming black with her lagoon cartridges and poison tubes. Everything needed to break the minds of others. She had the caries waters as a mist to spread across when she started to walk, hair blowing int he small breeze that was formed and here on Byss she knew there was a king and queen with the taliths as she recalled. She could have to try and see if they were still around. without launching attacks outright her saber was on her hip. "For the moment be prudent, the Taliths were rulers here and they were powerful."
][ A B S O L U T I O N ][
][ Edge of the Beshqek System; Inside The Emulous ][

This would be the beginning. It would be the dawn of a new era. Here they stood, as an Order, on the precipice of destiny with the full power of the Force at their command. The unattainable dream of glory now seemed to be a shocking reality.

And yet, it was not. It would not be a reality quite yet.

They still needed Byss or, at least, a foothold on the planet.

He and a task force of 25 mercenaries were gathered in a meeting room abroad the Necros corvette at the edge of the system. Some of them checked their weapon of choice,cleaning and filling ammunition. Some double checked that there was enough ammunition, some talked and laughed with those around them, and some stood around the Knight. Those who were directly to his left and right talked about strategy for once they were given the go ahead to land on the planet and engage the outpost.

The plan was to engage from the four cardinal directions. A force of ten follow Kyrinov as a sort of main force along the heavily defended northern end. Meanwhile, three units of five mercenaries would converge on the south, east, and west faces of the garrison to wipe out remaining defenders stationed there. Each force would be commanded by one of the four figures that stood around the end of the durasteel communications table with him.

This would be a besiegement. It was a simple scheme, but it was effective. That was all he needed.

The communicator in front of him beeped, signaling that there was a transmission. He stared at it for a moment, watching it blink to life for a moment before the light faded and died for but an instant. Then, he glanced to the four “commanders” as he stood to his full height. His booming voice issued a clear command to those in the room with him.

“At Ease!”, came the call. And silence ensued. It was out of the volume and presence with which the order was given that caused their obedience, not any form of military discipline which demanded their full attention.

His cut back to the communicator as he pushed the transmission through to reveal a holographic picture of Darth Animus. He inclined his head slightly as a form of silent greeting. Almost immediately, he began to brief the Sith Lord on his plan of action.

The Lord’s only answer was that it was time to begin. Kyrinov gave a slight bow, leaning forward from the waist up. He straightened his slender form before he spoke once more to fill the space with sound.

“At once. Are we clear to move planetside and engage the Republic garrison?”

He paused a moment, awaiting verification.

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Velok the Younger

When I Was A Young Warthog

A nondescript old stealth boat decloaked on the surface of Byss, in craggy ground not far from the purported Alliance base. Normally, Velok would have brought a hunting crew of Whiphids, but this deep in unfriendly territory he didn't want to risk them. Instead, he'd brought his cleaver and one adult rancodin. The armor-plated Sithspawn wasted no time in loping ahead and plunging into a mountain river that wound by the south end of the base.

The rancodin had no concept of subtlety. One could, Velok noted, find better tactical acumen among the Silver Jedi. It charged happily up the riverbank. Antipersonnel cannons blatted harmlessly at its plating. It tore into them, ripping the emplacements from the duracrete below. As field tests went, this one was looking decent.

Also, he started building up power on general principle. One could never have too much power at hand.

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Aela Talith

The Righteous
Byss - Ridge North of Outpost

Aela tapped on the shoulder of the speeder's pilot, an odd sort of prickle pressing at the back of her neck as the force sang out to her. The soldier glanced back for a second, Aela making a single sweeping motion. Within half a heartbeat the speeder dropped to a dead stop, the Repulsors letting out a muted whine as it idled.


The soldier questioned her, wondering why she had made him stop. "Shut that off."

Behind his helmet the soldier frowned, but Aela didn't much care. The man quickly followed her order, shutting off the speeder and letting it softly fall to the ground as it powered down. For a moment Aela lingered there, then motioned for the man to follow. The force was still singing to her, an odd sort of feeling that was more than familiar to her. Here on Byss it was an almost constant, but something...something was making it far worse than usual. Slowly she crawled up the side of the ridge, her lips thinning as she reached its crest.

She crouched low, spotting the creature that was rampaging through the edge of the Alliance outpost. Her gaze wandered for a moment, locking on to the ship that had decloaked just beyond the base itself. A sigh escaped her lips.

The Jedi Master was returning from a small sojourn to her Grandfather's Manor, a structure that was little more than a decrepit ruin now. Two Generations ago this had been her families home-world, a place of strength and the central seat of her Grandfathers power. Even after Moridin's passing her family had ruled here, her uncle as King and her Aunt as Queen. Technically speaking she herself was still in the line of succession, though Byss itself abandoned the monarchy around the time of the Alliance's liberation.

She had come here not to for any title, but rather had been looking for the twin of her sword. It was a blade that Moridin had crafted long before her birth and even before his fall. With the Alliance in it's death throes she knew that the Darkside would return to this world soon, and her opportunity for finding the blade would become less and less.

Unfortunately, she had not found it, and now it seemed her window was even smaller.

The soldier crept up beside her, letting out an audible gasp. Aela half turned to him, lowering herself and drawing her cloak closer so the Sith below would not sense her. "Contact the base, see if you can get through."

It was all she could think to do at the moment.

Darth Animus

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The moment Darth Animus picked up Galactic Alliance chatter of an attack, he deployed the fleet. The handful of Necros class vessels detached from their hyperspace wings, flying down towards the planet below. He didn't know what kind of defenses the GA garrison might still have, so he had made sure to hold back the majority of the New Sith Order forces until he was certain they were distracted. Still, weapons fire greeted the Sith forces as they broke through the cloud cover, one of their ships exploding and plummeting the rest of the way down as a fireball. As the rest of the ships landed, ramps lowering to allow mercenaries and a handful of Sith to pour out, Animus stared silently at the burning wreck.

The New Sith Order could ill afford to lose its limited fleet, or its even more valuable Sith warriors before they had made their full plans known. Turning back to the garrison ahead, Animus lowered his shoulders, igniting his saberstaff and charging with the rest of the main New Sith Order assault force. Weapons fire erupted from the walls to meet their charge, though few of the attacking warriors actually fell. The defenders were distracted by the creature rampaging through their midst. Animus made a mental note to compliment Velok the Younger when this was all done.

Reaching the wall, Animus took a single step before propelling himself into the air. He flipped in the air, his saberstaff twirling to deflect a few stray blasters shots before he landed on the battlements. Two GA troopers were cut in two before they could blink, with another behind them crumbling to the ground without a head. All along the wall, other black clad Sith followed his lead, landing among the GA defenders and quickly cutting their way through them. The mercenaries the New Sith Order had payed for this attack followed more slowly after them, charging through the opening gate of the complex that a Sith Blade opened. A firefight erupted in the courtyard between the two forces, with a dozen of the leading mercenary soldiers being mowed down before the first line of defenders was broken.

Smiling, Animus hurled himself from the wall, eager to continue the slaughter.
][ A B S O L U T I O N ][
Kyrinov struggled to maintain his balance as the main portion of his Necros corvette landed a few miles from the targeted garrison. The perfect cacophony of silence just lingered in this compartment of The Emulous. As it should.

He looked at each mercenary present in the eye, in turn, before speaking.

“Change of plans, it seems. Darth Animus has chosen a direct frontal assault. A rather aggressive one at that. In light of this, Akt will take his force of ten to the front of the base to assist the main force and guarding the garrison until it is confirmed to be secure,” he pause long enough for Akt to nod his understanding. His gaze switched to the only female “commander” within the room.

“Areli, take your force and Jas’ along the western wall. Finally, Davon, you will take your unit to the eastern wall. I will go alone to infiltrate through the southern wall. I have business to attend to in that area. Are we all clear on assignments and positioning?”

A roar of agreement as the hatch opened and the sunlight blinded any who dared to glance at the outside world.

“Good. Get into position and press forward immediately once you are there. Move out!”

With that, all 29 of the mercenaries surged forth and sprang into position and pushed towards the garrison, providing cover and a slaughter with deadly efficiency.

Meanwhile, Kyrinov snuck around to the rear of the building and began to cut down soldiers faster than they could hope to perceive. One fell down and screamed in absolute horror as his mind busied itself with the task of dismantling itself from the inside out. The others fell victim to his Vibrosword, allowing it to taste metallic, bittersweet blood yet again. There was a rush that flooded his consciousness as metal ripped through skin, tissue, muscle, flesh, and bone to end half a dozen soldiers that were foolish enough to charge at the intruder.

Within moments, he was literally walking through the back door, sword drawn and held close to the blade to allow for stability. He let the blade scrape along the floors as he walked slightly ahead of it, producing a sound of nails on a chalkboard that echoed throughout the facility.

He had a Lieutenant to find.

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The Butcher
She was looking at the others.. at the destruction and moved with a look on her face under the mask. The mechanical breathing coming to her before she crouched down. "There there." She said it as one of the injured was trying to hold some of his stomach inside. He was still mostly intact and looked up grasping her hand when she gave him a look. "It wil be alright human... there is a good thing that comes from all of this." He looked at her wide eyed while she brought her hand forward and a small medical scanner was working on him. His body was dying but she could do a few things first as the lagoon cartridge sprayed out. The sound of the aerosol decompressing to seep into his blood stream and face. Every powe seemed to go on fire at once... every moment became an eternity to his before she was backing away and he started choking. Hacking up bile and blood that was becoming thick and grey. His screams were tearing out of his throat attacting the looks of others who were trying to help while she slipped away and heard wet sounds coming from him.


Darkness In a time of hope
Ground command - Byss

Khaldun Paced back and forth the ground base the first wave had secured. Being so close to the front Made him nervous, he was now great master, no far from it. It had been only a couple weeks since he woke to this age, his body and mind was still adjusting to moving again. Khaldun was surprised when he heard the acolytes were going to be joining the assault, surprised cause of the next to nothing training all of them had.

His line of thinking was interrupted when an explosion hit near the command center, people began scattering to put out the fires that followed. "This is just great" one of the acolytes said, It seemed like a few of the others shared his concern. Khaldun spoke in a hushed tone "Quite if one of the instructors heard you I doubt you would leave this battlefield." Khaldun turned away.

Reports were flying in the main force had decided to take on a more head-on approach, not something he would do but whatever worked.

Khaldun hunched himself over a planning table when a whisper crawled up his spine, it felt like Khaldun's first time touching the force but something was off. Unlike the dark side, this feeling was like a calm river.


Khaldun walked out of the command center with few noticing him, just two other acolytes that decided to follow him. Khaldun and the other two set off on scout bikes to find this disturbance.

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