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Stepping Back

This is not a true LOA. Due to personal reasons, which I'll tell people I write with regularly via PM if they wish to know, I need to step back from certain things. As such, I'm no longer going to be writing any of my characters except for Raze Lyter and Sobaan Palle. I'm shelving everyone else, including Ignus, for the time being.

[member="Vaylin"] [member="Aria Vale"]
Feel free to knock Kytra out and leave her in the woods.

[member="Rolf Amsel"]
Nothing personal but even though I like the FO fleeting style I just can't get into the place.

[member="Sochi Ru"]
No Ignus for the time being but I'll still be playing Sobaan so at least you'll have the kiddo.

Sorry to anyone I missed that I haven't already talked to.

That hurts. You cut me deep, Ignus. You cut me real deep.

Lol dont mind me. Just being an idiot.

Hope everything is going good for you man and if it isnt, that it gets better!

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