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Starting out


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Hello, I have recently created my character (after about three days T.T Sorry for the late wait). Anyway, I wouldn't mind having some people to role play with! Currently, he is knight level and I would love to role play him climbing up the rank to master level, and potentially gaining the title of Darth. Though for the latter, I don't really care about.

Anyway, Saewon as mentioned before is at Sith Knight level. But he posses a strong inept connection to the dark side, that allows him to use some master techniques, and learn dark side techniques faster than most. Saewon is a shape-changer, and loves to assume beautiful forms in order to tease or entice others. UM he is more of a sorcerer and tactician than a fighter, and admittedly he can be considered a coward.

Anyway, I am open to almost any idea ^.^ Just shoot meh a pm ^>^


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[member="Melkor123"] Hey there! Your character sounds very similar to mine, Vereshin also alters reality through the Force.

I'm not looking for an apprentice, but I would love to work with you on some arcane projects.