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Starting Anew

Jairdain had come seeking a home and joined the Silver Jedi. Then she had been sent on a simple currier mission for the Jedi. All she needed to do was deliver a package and then return. That mission was a huge failure on her part. She was taken captive and held a prisoner by some cultists and was going to be sacrificed to their god.

They never tortured her, just beat her up and starved her. Eventually she was rescued by the Dominion and was allowed to recover there. Jedi Master Dune Rhur took her under his wing and as she recovered, tested her to become a Jedi Knight.

She stayed with them for a while, but the people allied themselves with Sith and that alone made her cringe. Her people did not tolerate anybody that went dark and killed them before they could get destructive.

So feeling odd about the whole situation, Jairdain wished to return to the peaceful halls on Voss and the Silver Jedi. Gathering up her few belongings, she walked the passages of the Temple on Ession and went to her ship.

The journey would take a few days and she brought with her enough supplies to reach her destination. She lifted her ship off Ession, bidding farewell silently the people that had welcomed and cared for her while she was there. It wasn't her home though.

Setting the navicomputer for Voss, Jairdain sat in her seat, meditating on her still yet short life. Where she had come from, her short time with the Silvers before, with the Dominion and hopefully she would be welcomed back on Voss after being gone for so long.

The journey was uneventful and three days later, Jairdain found herself bringing her ship into the familiar landing area of the Voss temple. Climbing out, she took a breath of fresh air, grabbed her pack and walked through the door leading inside.

As if she arrived for the first time again, her hand trailed against the wall and she returned to her home.

@Arisa Yne
Since the time of Jardain's disappearance, security had picked up quite a bit in and over Voss in light of multiple raids by the Sith. While she was allowed to land at Voss academy, she would have to go through a debriefing as there had been no contact between the woman and order for quite some time. Under new protocols established by Arisa as acting commander of all Silver forces, the Rangers and Shadows of the Silver Jedi were on the lookout for people from their ranks that may now be compromised as part of a more proactive stance against corruption.

Upon entering the Academy,
Jardain would be given a chance to eat and rest for a few hours before she was scheduled for her debriefing. As Arisa was present at the temple, the Sentinel would handle the questioning herself. The two women had rubbed shoulders once before, when Arisa acted as the chaperone for several Padawan on a wilderness survival course. She imagined a familiar presence may put Jardain at ease as they went through some mostly benign questions.

Jardain was ready, she would be directed to a small conference room. Arisa would be there in wait whenever she finally did enter, sitting at the head of table, reviewing notes from her datapad. She was dressed casually, in trendy street clothes that one may see from an inhabitant of the Core, hair tied up in a low ponytail. On the table near her seat, there was a pitcher of fruit juice and a small spread of sweet and savory pastries for snacking.

Jairdain noticed the new protocols when she arrived on Voss the second time. She took them in stride though and while allowed to rest and eat, she actually grew antsy at having to wait before she could actually rejoin her brethren. Eventually her time came when she could renter the Academy, but needed to speak with Arisa first.

They had met briefly before when the older Jedi had taken herself and a few other Padawans on a survival expedition into the wilds. Seeing nature differently than somebody with sight, it had been an experience for the then young Jedi. Soon after that, Jairdain had been given her simple mission that ended up a total failure.

She knew where she needed to go and with a confidence that had not been in her before she had left, Jairdain approached the door to the conference room where Arisa waited on her. The door was open, but she still knocked before entering and stood at the end of the table, waiting for the woman to acknowledge her.

[member="Arisa Yune"]
The psychic could feel the presence of Jairdain before she came up to the door to knock, so that action was little more than a formality between the Jedi.

"Hello there," Arisa said with a smile. "Please take a seat."

She glanced over at an empty seat closest to her position at the end of the table, her way of directing
Jairdain where she wanted her. (Where all the delicious things lay!)

"Before we begin, I just want to say that this isn't any kind of interrogation. Just a casual question and answer session. The Silver Order has been trying to get better at keeping a pulse on all our members so that we may better be able to respond to their needs. I trust you've been treated well since your return?"

Once Arisa acknowledged her, Jairdain took a seat where she was directed. In front of her and between the two Jedi, sat a pitcher of what smelled like orange juice and some pastries.

The emotion Jairdain picked up off Arisa was true to her spoken words. She sensed no animosity from the woman, but a genuine feeling of wanting to have questions answered.

"Yes, Master Yune."

They had met once when Jairdain had been a padawan here, but they had not actually ever spoken then. Arisa had only piloted a shuttle to take herself and some of others on an extended camping and survival excursion.

Jairdain folded her hands in her lap as she sat waiting for the Master to continue.

[member="Arisa Yune"]
"No need for formal titles here," Arisa said shaking her head. "You may just call me Arisa in private."

Jairdain came off as poised, if a little reserved. As the othe woman felt no ill intent from her, Arisa would experience no sense of anxiety or tension from her counterpart. It looked like they would be starting off things on a good note, which was exactly what she had desired.

"Alright then," she said clasping her hands together on the table. "There were a few flags that came up upon your return to Voss. It appears that you left for some assignment a few months ago, but failed to check in with with us after your projected arrival date. Investigators were deployed to your last known location, but after their leads went dead, declared you MIA."

"Then just out of the blue, you appear. This event calls for both joy, and concern, prompting my questions today. First, I would like to know, what happened to you then?"

"Yes, Mast...Arisa."

Since she was a child, Jairdain had been taught call people by their titles and it stayed with her. She didn't think it would be an easy habit to break, but when in private, she would do her best.

The reason for her being kept away from the Jedi proper soon became known as Arisa stated some flags had been raised on her return after being missing for so long.

She said her return was something to be happy about and that drew a quiet smile from the young Jedi. Arisa's next question though brought some pain into Jairdain. It showed clearly on her face.

"I was sent on a simple mission by my master, Orihime to deliver a package when I was captured by some cultists. They kept me locked in a cage for several weeks. I'm already blind so couldn't see the other prisoners around me, but I could feel their fear. Day by day, that number grew smaller and smaller. Snuffed out by these cultists that were sacrificing them for some ritual. In time, I was going to be one of them.
"Rescue came in the form of Cedric Grayson and a Sith named Grace. Both of the Dominion. They rescued myself along with the other survivors that were still being held. They provided me the time I needed to recover and welcomed my presence there.
"While I was recovering, a Jedi Master sort of took me under his wing, kept watch on me and then over the course of my recovery tested me to be a Knight.
"He took me to Ilum to get a crystal and there I constructed my lightsaber."

Her hand fell to her side where it now rested on her hip, a small sense of pride would felt emanating from her. The last time they had met, Jairdain had only her vibrosword without any real hope within her to ever have a lightsaber.

Falling silent, she wondered if she had left out any important detail and would speak again.

"They were almost as much of a family as what is here, but Jedi and Sith work openly side by side. With those conflicts of ideals I did not feel it was my place to stay.
After I recovered fully, I returned."

[member="Arisa Yune"]
Arisa could feel Jairdain tense up as she was forced to recollect some obviously unpleasant experiences. She remained quite, listening along attentively as Jairdain recounted events. Though her expression would sour just a tad as Jairdain mentioned Orihime and how she had be deployed by her then master on a solo mission to deliver a package. Allowing a then padawan, who was a blind, travel alone? Something about that didn't sound right. The package must have been too important, or the destination to hazardous, to be left to the hands of a normal courier, so then Jairdain should have had backup.

She nodded along to the rest of the story, of how
Jairdain had been held captive, then subsequently rescued by the Dominion Jedi and stayed with them for a time. She probably didn't have to ask why Jairdain had failed to immediately make contact with the Silver Jedi after her rescue. At the end of her story, she offered and interesting tidbit as she admitted her unease with the Sith inside the Dominion.

"First thing, I'd like to say that it's usually the norm for a padawan to travel with a partner or group on field missions, to avoid the horrors of the like you have just described. We failed to provide adequate protection to you, and for that, I offer my deepest apologies on behalf of the Assembly."

Sincere in her apology, the Jedi Master would dip her head in a small bow, averting her gaze toward the tabletop.

"Now, I've actually worked with some Dominion Jedi in the past." she continued as she straightened up. "A few of them, like Dune Rhurr, actually used to be Republic Jedi like myself. Decent people, for the most part, I'll have to thank them for looking after you. Also, belated congratulations to your promotion Knighthood."

Little did Arisa know, she was speaking to the latest apprentice of the wayward Bith.

"I'm aware of the unique political situation of the Dominion. I'm very curious about the Sith there. How well did they work with the Jedi during your time with the Dominion? What are your specific objections to these particular Sith?"

Jairdain let out a small sigh when Arisa offered her apologies at the lack of support or back up provded when she was sent on her mission. She shook head in reply.

"Oh, I didn't think anything of that actually. It was a simple currier mission that turned sour."

She could feel the Master was genuine in her apology and gave her a half a smile.

"I'm fine and got the opportunity to gain new knowledge and experiences I wouldn't have otherwise."

Reaching a hand out, she would lightly touch Arisa on her wrist if she allowed it to emphasize her words and to show she wasn't mad at her, the Silver's or even her former master. She took her hand back after and listened to the Jedi speak. At the mention of Master Dune, a large smile crossed Jairdain's face and lit up her eyes.

"Thank you, Mas...Arisa. I was not sure if this promotion would apply to me here since when I left on my mission, I was a padawan. It was Master Dune that knighted me actually. Tested me and made sure I was ready for the responsibility of the rank. I hope he wasn't wrong in that."

While he felt she was ready, there was a little nugget of uncertainty in her. Maybe that was a sign of being ready, of knowing there was still more out there and seeking out that knowledge to further expand what one already knew. To one day achieve more than she thought she could and still keep going.

The Jedi master stated her awareness of the policies within the Dominion and asked how well it all worked together and what her own personal objectives were to those sith within the faction. It took her a few minutes to compose an answer with the correct words.

"We worked well enough together side by side. A goal was set and we harmoniously accomplished the tasks at hand. In fact, to the best of my knowledge the Jedi and Sith never got into any real arguments or fights.
"As for my personal issues with these sith, that goes back to my own people. Any time one of us went down a dark path and started to get destructive, they were executed in front of the school. Other than how I was raised, I have nothing against any of them."

Her eyes were focused on answering Arisa, it was almost like she was actually looking at the woman with them.

"In fact, if they ever needed help, I would not hesitate lend them any assistance they needed, if it was in my power or ability to give it to them."

[member="Arisa Yune"]
While Jairdain didn't seem to hold the Silver Jedi at fault for her past predicaments, none the less, Arisa still felt guilty about the SJO's failure to protect one of their own. If it hadn't been for a stroke of luck, then Jairdain would have been lost to them forever.

"No, the Dominion Jedi are officially recognized by the Silver Order, so if you were promoted there, then your rank carries over. You are a Knight, though as one, much more will be expected of you with your return. We recently had a large influx of initiates here, and we need the help from all our available Knights and Masters to provide them with proper guidance and instruction."

Jairdain admitted that there actually hadn't been any issues between the Jedi and the Sith within the Dominion. That revelation actually gave her some hope, though. Finally, people were starting to see the bigger picture and reach across the aisle for the greater good.

However, that warm thought was quickly forgotten, as
Jairdain locked gazes with her with those milky eyes and revealed something that made Arisa's blood run cold. Growing up with extremists who would slay those who began showing an affinity for the Dark Side. Jedi rarely, if ever, executed individuals in such a fashion. At worse, they would have their abilities stripped, an act seemed as inhumane even as a non-lethal procedure.

"Wait, wait, hold up," Arisa said, frowning and waving her hands in stopping motion. (while Jairdain was blind, that wouldn't stop habits built up over 27 years.) "What is the status of this 'school' you attended?"

Though Jairdain wasn't actually tense or stressed out about the whole knight issue, she relaxed slightly when Arisa said they would recognize the Jedi within the Dominion and honor the fact they had knighted her.

She nodded at the comments about having more responsibility now. Remembering her days here as a Padawan and the different classes as well as her own master, she understood what was meant.

Jairdain felt the emotional acknowledgement of the master next to her as she continued on about the relations between the two factions within the Dominion. However, that changed that turned to shock when she spoke about her people and Arisa stopped her from continuing.

She asked about her school and Jairdain emanated a sense of pain and loss. It would also show in her eyes. This did not stem from the loss of the school itself, but of her people.

"About four years ago, my people got attacked by some sort of plague. The people of my class were banished, including me since it was only our families that got ill. Some of them even died. We were given some provisions, a weapon and a single person starship not capable of combat and sent away. On my way out of my solar system, a bright light reached me through the Force and when it passed, my world had been destroyed."

Her gaze dropped to her lap as she spoke of her past and at the loss of her people, her eyes teared up. Even though it was more than a quarter of her life since that happened, she missed her family and not being able to ever see them again brought up that pain.

"There might be more of my people, but I have no way of knowing or finding out. When we were banished, we went different directions and didn't keep in contact."

[member="Arisa Yune"]
"I see," she answered, thinking about Jairdain had said. This was an extremist bunch, to be sure. She started to think that she would like to seek this group out sometime.

"I don't want to go off on a tangent, here, but I'd like to hear your feelings about this group. How did you feel about their policies then while you were living among them? How do you feel now that you've been introduced to some other strains of thought?"

The Silver Order was very much a Jedi-based organization, but it was fairly lax compared to some of its contemporaries. At worst, a wayward member would be excommunicated, or imprisoned if they proved to be a danger to society. They were not militant like the NJO to the south, quite comfortable with the prospect of total war so soon as the galaxy only began to heal from the Dark Ages, and a recent string of intergalactic conflict.

The emotions of the master were kept close and Jairdain couldn't get a clear read on her to know what she was feeling. When Arisa spoke, her question slightly confused the young Jedi. These had been her people, the ones she grew up with. Only after she was banished did she meet others outside of her culture.

Her answer was slow in coming as she considered her emotions then and how she was now. Quite often the way one was raised was difficult to get past and allow a person to be open to new perspectives.

"It was all I knew growing up and well, what choice did I have but accept that? Whether it was wrong or right makes no difference now. All it did was instill in me just how wrong allowing emotions to control you are."

For one so young, Jairdain acknowledged her emotions, but never allowed them to control her. If she felt them rising in a situation, she put them into a mental box to be examined later to figure out what had caused them to rise in the first place. Each time something like that happened, she would be stronger after the experience and grow up a little more.

"Now?" She shrugged slightly before continuing. "I have been among other people now for four years. Both good and bad people. Light and dark. I no longer feel people that have different ideals and beliefs than I do should die. Each of them I consider valid to that person, if not to me.
"The galaxy is made up of light and dark. That is fact, one needs the other to create balance. I always thought the destruction of my home was caused by my classmates. Master Jessica suggested something else even."

What the cause was she didn't feel mattered anymore, but she was still curious about what happened.

"I feel there needs to be some form of rules though. I don't know, a code isn't the right method, same can be said for laws. Without the people to impose them, what good would they do? But beyond mass murder, I don't have any personal issues with other strains of thought of beliefs."

The sith she had met were all good people, in her opinion and she hoped conveyed this well to Arisa.

[member="Arisa Yune"]
"My question wasn't meant as an attack on your beliefs," Arisa replied, shaking her head, again reflexively. "My aim here is to just get a better feel for you as you reintegrate into the Silver Order. All so that I may understand how we may best attend to your needs."

There were all sorts of variations on the codes that various sects of Jedi followed today, but generally, they all recognized that the pursuit of knowledge was a core tenant for all Jedi to follow. With greater knowledge came understanding, and through greater understanding, the Jedi could become more effective at helping those around them.

"I'm not going to lie, it sounds like you started out with a very conservative group, but it sounds like you've become more moderate over the years. I made a similar path, from my days studying at the Jedi Order on Coruscant to where I am now. Like you did, I learned that the galaxy is complicated. And so, we must remain somewhat flexible to make it through life and carry out our duties effectively."

This woman was full of surprises. From bunking up with apparent extremists to having her planet wrecked. Now the question was on if there was even anything worth checking out at all.

"I'm sorry to hear that. Could you tell me what happened to your home? What did Master
Medbaq say to you about the topic?"

The words of Arisa smoothed over any hurt Jairdain may have had with the questions. It wasn't the case, but it was nice she took that into consideration. She smiled a little at the Jedi Master when she finished speaking about her needs.

"My needs are actually very little, Arisa. A place over my head, food and the ability to study or teach now I'm a Knight."

The observation about her people felt accurate to Jairdain, so she didn't say anything.

"What are other Jedi like? I've only really met one outside of here. What are our duties? Nobody ever really told me."

That would have been Master Dune and Jairdain smiled at her memory of him. She really missed him and wondered how and what he was doing now.

Hearing Arisa's question, it took a few moments for her to put what she saw through the Force into words. It never crossed her mind to try and show the Jedi which would have probably been easier.

"When all my classmates and I were banished, I was leaving my system when there was like a bright flash of light through the Force. As that light passed my planet I felt all the life on it die. I did not actually go back to see if anything remained since I couldn't return.
Master Jessica suggested it was something called the Netherworld. Mentioned it happened to a place called Correlia too at the same time about.
Either way, all I know ​is my people are dead and I'm not supposed to return to Eraton or if there were any people alive, they would kill me."

[member="Arisa Yune"]
"Oh, the Netherworld Crisis," Arisa said, thinking back to that event. "That was one of the names given to a series of Force-based anomalies that occurred a few years back, which affected the entire galaxy. If there was any sort of concentration of Force Sensitives on your home planet, then I'm not surprised about what happened."

It was quite an unsettling prospect thinking about those events. They now lived in an era where Force Sensitives copulated with each other and produced offspring of ever more powerful Force Sensitives in ever greater numbers. Would those anomalies happen again? It was probably something that needed to be addressed sometime.

"As for you duties with the Silver Jedi, they're the same as with any Jedi. We try to keep the peace and help those all in need. As the Sith operate openly again, we also have a focus on dismantling their organizations so that they don't pose a threat to the galaxy again. People are still reeling from the reign of the One Sith over the Core."

That dark juggernaut had sprung up from Byss and swept over the Core Regions, pushing back the Old Republic after handing them defeat upon defeat. There was no power that could challenge the One Sith at their peak. It was only due to infighting that was so common among the Sith that the One Sith would fall. However, that only happened after a decade. In the position she was now, Arisa wasn't going to let events repeat themselves if she could help it.

"That said, among the Silver Jedi, we strive to treat out members like a family. Trying to always act with the utmost of understanding, compassion, and respect. We do not shun our members if they have setbacks, but try to help get back on track with counseling, intervention, and/or whatever other actions may be required."

Jairdain nodded as Arisa spoke about the Netherworld Crisis. It only partially made sense, but she really didn't have a good grasp on the recent history of the galaxy. It just wasn't something she had ever needed to look up in her studies when she was here before her capture.

At the topic in question, Jairdain picked up on the first real emotion from the other Jedi. A feeling of unease came from her and the topic moved on to address her own about what duties she would now have as a Knight.

When she was an apprentice, she had only taken classes and training until being sent on her failed mission.

Again the events spoken of, Jairdain didn't know anything about. Making a mental note to look these up in the future, she listened to what Arisa had to say.

"You won't have to worry about me speaking out of line, stepping on toes or being any sort of disruption."

[member="Arisa Yune"]
As the interview proceeded, Arisa was left with the impression that Jairdain was quite the docile individual. She definitely didn't seem like one who wanted to rock the boat, so to speak. That was fine, not everyone could, or should be a firebrand.

"That's nice of you to say, but
conflict is simply unavoidable. As each individual is unique in their deposition and desires, we'll bump heads sooner or later. What's more important to me is learning how to handle conflict rather than avoid it. There's just times you will have to step on toes."

Just by choosing to live their lives as Jedi,
Jairdain and Arisa now both had big red targets on their backs. Going back further, both were destined for great conflicts the day they were born as Force Sensitives.

"Well then, I don't think I have anything else to ask you at this time. Again, this was mostly about checking to see if you were doing alright. It seems like you've recovered from you earlier capture, but if you need any further counseling, then please let me know. If you don't have any questions for me, then you're free to go."


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