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Approved Tech Star Engine

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Warden of the Ice

  • Intent: An advanced power generator.
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link:
  • Restricted Missions: I'm borrowing this
  • Primary Source:
  • Manufacturer: Domino
  • Model: Star Engine
  • Affiliation: Domino
  • Modularity: Can be installed on different ships.

  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Sleg, Lead, Durasteel
  • High Power Output
  • No Fuel

  • High Output: For such a small reactor it has a very high output.

  • No Fuel: Space is saved since a ship doesn't need to carry or armor massive fuel bunkers, this also means there isn't an operational limit placed on the ship beyond crew needs.

  • 0%-100%: The reactor is either off, or operating at 100%, there is no throttling or going past 100% safety like on some reactors for extra power.

  • Sleg: The very nature of Sleg makes it a dangerous explosive should an attack breach the durasteel shell.
Concepted as another form of a Solar Ionization reactor, where a miniature pseudo-star is created and contained, the Star Engine originally sought to miniaturize the process while increasing efficiency. However as several similar reactors already existed even down to the fighter-sized level, Domino shelved the project as commercially un-viable. It remained that way until the discovery of Sleg while Domino was searching for a reactor to use in the Katarina. The project was then dusted off with one key difference, instead of a live star burning at its core, particles from a dead neutron star would be used instead.

At the heart of each Star Engine is a few atomic particles from a pulsar known as The Godsheart which were acquired from the nearby science facility run by the Sakiyans. The engine is powered by the regular and rapid movement of the EM 'poles' and shifting magnetic fields emitted. An inner shell of refined sleg then massively ramps up the energy output under a layer of lead that contains the radiation emitted by the neutron particles. The outer shell of the engine is comprised of thick durasteel for protection while the supporting frame contains a system of radiation negators for further protection, even against neutrinos.

The high energy of the pulsars combined with sleg's ability to exponentially increase a reactor's output means that each Star Engine is capable of powering a frigate-class warship.


Warden of the Ice
It's not so much that it's better, it's that its smaller. A reactor this size would normally be on a corvette, not a 500m frigate. Soooo, its one size class better? Sorry I can't really think of a better answer.
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Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug

That seems alright to me and there is enough innovation that it seems okay.

One other issue however. I believe under our current rules semi-ubique production is maxed at 10 units.
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