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STaCLO's Garage


"Three for the price of one..."

  • Workshop Name: STaCLO's Garage

  • Location: Golbah City

  • Specialty: Droids, Arms Manufacturing
STaCLO's Garage is the main setting for manufacturing new prototypes and unique products for clients of Golbah Dynamics This is where STaCLO looks after and personally works on and manages said products for clients along with his companion Dute. Utilizing his great ability as an engineer to get the job done well. However, it wouldn't be unlike STaCLO to use some of the workshop's resources to make some of his own specialty items. This workshop much like the company doesn't work for any government. It can contract things for them, but isn't loyal past that. So anyone is a potential customer, no matter how official or shady they may be. So long as they have the credits for it. All in all the hope for this workshop to become a popular name within the galaxy.


The workshop was officially established before the company was. Being little more then a large garage for the two of them to work in. It was all paid for legally in Golbah City on Genonosis. However, when it began to pick up more traction and hired some of the local Geonosians, that was when it became the founding of Golbah Dynamics.