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Approved Tech SS- “Hellfire” Anti-Tank Missile

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“HellFire” AT Missile

  • Intent: To create an Anti tank, Armor-Piercing Missile For SSBB and the Zweihander Union
  • Image Source: Turbosquid
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
    • Manufacturer: SSBB
    • Affiliation: Closed Market
    • Model: M-1 “HellFire”
    • Modularity: No
    • Production: Minor
    • Material: Duraplast, Durasteel,missile engine components, heat-seeking sensors

    • Classification: Stage 1: Armor Piercing, Stage 2: High Explosive
    • Size: Large, 1.6m length, 17cm radius
    • Weight: Very Heavy; 40 kg
    • Explosive Type: Directional Baradium Charges, with Ball Bearings causing damage seen in Stage 2.
    • Delivery Method: Self-Propelled
    • Effective Range: Battlefield
    • Area Of Effect: Average
    • Stopping Power: Extreme
    • On-board Computers allow a Fire-and-Forget Use; On contact with targeted vehicle, the AP spearhead cleanly blasts through upto 440mm of the best armor out there, delivering the HE payload to the interior of the vehicle, where it explodes omni-directionally, taking down all equipment and parts surrounding the site of penetration.
    A) The Missile Targets multiple targets, which the user can rank based on value. In the scenario that Multiple Hellfires are launched at an enemy, once the target is down, the missiles still up will redirect themselves to secondary targets, then tertiary ones, etc.
    B) Hellfires are extremely maneuverable, and don’t even need to be shot in the general direction of the target. Even if the launcher is facing the wrong way, HellFires will easily turn themselves to head towards the target- provided they don't run into something, of course.
    • a)Can’t do much against Infantry that’s spread out: Provided that enemy infantry isn’t sleeping on top of each other, the HellFire can, at most, take down a soldier or two: The HE component focuses on causing max damage to an area about the size of a single vehicle. Firing the HellFire on infantry, while doable, is waste of an expensive missile, really.
      b)The Missile is bulky, and while infantry squads can fire it using a shoulder-launcher, you really need a vehicle to transport these babies.
    The HellFire is based on the usual concussion missile, but dialled up to 11. This missile will take down almost any vehicle, and is the best possible option for taking down high-value targets like Superheavy tanks, VIP transports, etc. It can be fired from rotary- and fixed-wing craft, waterborne vessels and land-based systems against a variety of targets, including but not limited to vehicles, infantry and other craft.
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Ravenfire Ravenfire my apologies for the mess; im afraid my eyes were playing tricks on me once again, and I was unable to find the template when looking for it, and had simply tailored my sub after an older missile I found. Would you consider it according to your specifications now?


Conqueror of Heaven and Hell
Ravenfire Ravenfire Yep, I pushed up the effective range to Battlefield. Everything in order now, I hope?
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