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Spooky, Scary Artifacts [Solo Imperial Mission]

Zahori Denko
Elani sat at her metallic desk in front of her computer screen, browsing the Imperial mission board. She had recently grown bored of sitting on Thule doing absolutely nothing for the Empire. She wasn't going to grow lazy and useless like the rest of the sith and be a disappointment to her father. She refused to let that happen. Her sparkling hazel eyes scanned down the mission board, looking for something, anything, that she could do that would be beneficial to the Empire.

"Ah, this is perfect.." she whispered to herself. A dark grin grew on her face before a small laugh followed. Her eyes managed to catch a mission that would send her to Dantooine in search of a ring of smugglers who have the audacity to steal what is rightfully the Empire's. Elani rose from her desk and stepped onto the holoprojector and recorded a message for @[member="Kaine Zambrano"]:

My Emperor. I am relaying this message to you to let you know that I have taken up the mission to retrieve the Jedi artifacts from Dantooine. I hope this proves my potential in the ranks of the Sith. I can promise you that this mission shall go smoothly and the wretched smugglers who dare crossed your Empire will suffer the worst pain imaginable. Once I return, I shall send you another message. And Father, I apologize I have been a lazy bother to you. I will not turn out to be like the rest of your sith. I will not lie around waiting for someone to strike. My actions will overshadow my words. You'll see.
Elani stepped away from the holoprojector, ending the recording. She walked over to her wardrobe and began dressing herself in dark crimson robes, and as usual no type of footwear. Elani turned for the bookshelf and with a wave of her hand, the bookshelf slid open to reveal a hidden compartment behind. She opened it, revealing her two black and silver guard shotos, her favored weapons of war.

A servant stepped into the room. "M'lady. Your ship is ready and waiting for you." he said. Elani closed the compartment and slid the bookshelf back into place. She exhaled softly and turned towards the door and headed out. The faint sounds of servants working throughout the castle echoed through the halls fairly well. Elani walked swiftly down the steps and out the front door. Not a word was said to anyone.

Elani stood before her ship, The Crimson Fang, a pitch black and blood red Tulak Hord, and bounced multiple thoughts around in her head. She walked up the ramp and headed for the command deck. "Flight Lieutenant. plot a course for Dantooine." she ordered of the ship's pilot. "Captain. Alert the Brotherhood. They are going to love the chance to rid the galaxy of some mediocre smugglers." Elani commanded of the first mate. With her new position as Baroness of the Brotherhood, Elani could wreak much more havoc than she ever could before. The Crimson Fang rose from the planet's surface into the air and, eventually, into space. Hyperspace was soon entered, shooting the ship to Dantooine.

Elani's ship came to a slow approach as it neared Dantooine. The descent went fairly well and unhindered. The ship rested far off from any form of settlement, hidden by a large mountain range. Elani stepped off the ramp and inhaled deeply, breathing in the air of Dantooine. "I can already smell the smugglers defiling their pants.." she muttered. From the skies came three corvette sized ships, each one bearing the logo of the Crimson Brotherhood. "Now, the real fun begins." Elani grinned and walked towards the landing location of the corvettes.

Elani had rendezvoused with the Brotherhood at their LZ and immediately went to work to search for the smugglers. With their numbers, the search would not take very long. Elani's first thought of where the smugglers could have been hoarding the jedi artifacts and prepping them for extraction was the Crystal caves. She lead the Brotherhood for the caves and began to search the area. A small abandoned encampment laid outside of the caves. "They're here.." she stated in a hushed tone. Elani led a few squads into the interior of the caves while the rest stood watch outside in case of an ambush.

Immediately after entering the cave, Elani could hear distant footsteps and hushed talking. She reached for her guard shotos, but not yet activating them. The sharp rocks and pebbles beneath Elani's feet seemed to not bother her. She loved the small sensation of pain she received from the many places she has walked barefoot. The young woman went further into the cavern and discovered the operating base of the smugglers. There were numerous tents and fires along with crates filled with many jedi artifacts.

Elani held her hand up to stop any of her crew from moving on. They all took cover behind rocks and readied their weapons. Elani managed to climb her way up a large formation overlooking the encampment. Once she was in position, the Brothergood began firing down on the smugglers and their droids. The surprise worked well, killing many of the smugglers, but the fought back, firing barrages of slugthrower shots back at the brotherhood. Elani waited for the right moment and dropped down from the formation, landing on a smuggler, killing him instantly. She then activated her crimson guard shotos and began engaging the smugglers, cutting through them like bread. Elani leaped all over the caverns, cutting down the smugglers numbers with ease. The aid of the shadows took part in this massacre of impeccable proportions. The cavern became a large pool of blood with dead smugglers in for a swim. Once the fighting was finished, Elani sheathed her guard shotos and fit them snugly in her waistband. "Make sure they're all dead. Once you're done, pack up the remaining artifacts and find out where the rest of them took the missing ones and bring me their heads along with the other artifacts." she commanded of her first mate.

The mission went almost as smooth as Elani had hoped for. She lost a few members of the Brotherhood but they would be replaced easily. There are many pirates out there to corrupt with the dark side. Elani returned to her ship and departed fromt he planet as the Brotherhood cleaned up the mess and started up a base camp where the smugglers once situated themselves. Elani stepped onto her ship's holoprojector and began to record another message:

My emperor. I have done as you commanded. The smugglers are no more, the artifacts they have already dug up are being collected and sent to Dromund Kaas, any smugglers who managed to evade us before we arrived are currently being hunted down. and the digsite is now under new management. I shall return to Thule to rest for a day or so before continuing the fight. Farewell, Father.