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Spice Trade (Lucien Cordel)

Aedan Miles

Pirate King
@[member="Lucien Cordel"]

Aedan Miles sat in the command chair of the Dragoon's Nest an Impetus-class frigate as they traveled from CIS space to the Fringe planet Lugo where he was to meet with Lucien Cordel about a business proposition he had. He looked up as the Lt. announced that they had arrived. Aedan turned and walked over the bridge. His attire today was more formal a clean cut uniform with a cape flowing from his shoulders as he calmly strode through the hall his customary lightsabers attached to his waist. This time his lightstaff would stay on the ship in the armory. He boarded a shuttle and sat down as the pilot lifted off the deck of his fighter and slowly turned about to come down towards the planet activating its com it hailed Lucien Cordel's fortress. "This is Shuttle Alpah from the Dragoon's Roost we are inbound with Captain Aedan Miles on board scheduled for a meeting please advise on a landing pad."


Thus Saith the Lord
Lucien was stood In his office looking out over the surroundings of the fortress.He was contemplating something and nothing.His thoughts were interrupted by the knock of One of his assistants "Enter" Lucien said he remained facing out of the window. His Assistant stepped in "My Lord, one Aiden Miles he is scheduled for a meeting and is requesting Landing instructions" The man spoke swiftly "He is scheduled to meet me direct him to my landing pad and go out to meet him" Aidens pilot was sent the coordinates and Luciens assistant waited for his shuttle.