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Approved Tech Spaarti Mk. I Armor

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  • Manufacturer: Vulcan Foundries
  • Affiliation: Aurora Industries, Spaarti Creations, Closed-Market
  • Model: Spaarti Mk. I
  • Modularity: Yes, besides paint schemes for unit markings, pieces of armor can be switched or modified such as the gauntlets, boots, backpack, or helmet

  • Production: Minor-production
  • Material: Duraplast with titanium reinforcement, Armorweave, Thermal insulation
  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances:
- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High
- Kinetic: High
- Lightsabers: Very Low
- Sonic: Average
- Ion/EMP: Average
- Heat: Average
- Cold: Average

  • Helmet - HUD, Polarized Lenses for anti-flashbangs, Integrated Macrobinoculars (x10 magnification), Integrated Infrared and Lifeform Scanners, Integrated Comlink and External Voice Scrambler, Environmental Filter and Oxygen Rebreather
  • Boots - Magno-Grip soles
  • Belt - Combat Deionizers, Energy Sink, Power Cell and Gas Cartridge storage pouches, Grappling Hook, Medpac pouch
  • High Protection - The armor is designed to offer the wearer a high degree of protection from blasters and kinetic weapons, much like stormtrooper armor
  • Mobility - The armor offers the soldier wearing it a good deal of mobility as the design and weight do not hamper movement
  • Hot Blade Through Butter - The armor does not really stop anything than the merest glance of a lightsaber, anything else is cutting through it
  • Vulnerable Helmet - The helmet is vulnerable to ion and EMP weapons, causing the loss of all electronics in it

As the Spaarti Creations new cloning program started to develop, Taeli knew that any of the units they created were going to need new armor and equipment. The previous Spaarti Creations had created their own versions of things, but Taeli decided that outsourcing the work to her other companies was easier. Vulcan Foundries had been created as a subsidiary of Aurora Industries to create armor and vehicles, and the new Spaarti clones that were being grown would be the perfect introduction of the company's capabilities.

The armorsmiths at Vulcan Foundries began work on what they called Spaarti Mk. I armor, basing their designs off the older stormtrooper armor as well as the design currently in use by the Sith Legion. The armor comes with fairly basic amenities for soldiers in this modern age, and provides a high level of protection against infantry-scale blasters and kinetic weapons.
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