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LFG SOS2-1 COMETS [Republic Special Ops Starfighter Squadron] RECRUITING

Synthia Fellstarr



Unit Identification: 1st Special Operations Starfighter Squadron
Unit Designation: COMETS
Department: Special Operations Joint-Command Republic Starfighter Command & Republic Navy
Base: Corellia
Starfighter Assignment: 19th Corellian Starfighter Wing
Naval Assignment: Varied (Factored on Sequestered Ship)

Role: Special Operations (Starfighter Commando Ops)
Combat Doctrine: Astro-Superiority, Anti-Capital Ship Assault, Ground Support,
Commando Terrestrial Operations, Deep Recon In Force
Foundation of The Republic (in Corellia)
Current Commanding XO: Major Synthia Fellstarr

Unit Composition:

  • Flight 1 (Red Comet)
    • Flight Starfighter Composition: X-90 Stealth X-Wing
    • Flight Role: Vanguard Assault, Stealth Operations, Command Flight
    • Flight XO: Major Synthia Fellstarr (Red Comet)
    • Flight CV: Wilo Dekon (NPC) (Red Comet 2)
    • Flight Pilot: Lt. M Max Darksun (Red Comet 3)
    • Flight Pilot: Kade Seyta Kade Seyta (Red Comet 4)
  • Flight 2 (Black Comet)
    • Flight Starfighter Composition: ???
    • Flight Role: ???
    • Flight XO: ??? (Black Comet)
    • Flight CV: ??? (Black Comet 2)
    • Flight Pilot: ??? (Black Comet 3)
    • Flight Pilot: ??? (Black Comet 4)
  • Flight 3 (Gold Comet)
    • Flight Starfighter Composition: ???
    • Flight Role: ???
    • Flight XO: ??? (Gold Comet)
    • Flight CV: ??? (Gold Comet 2)
    • Flight Pilot: ??? (Gold Comet 3)
    • Flight Pilot: ??? (Gold Comet 4)
The COMETS are the Republic's newly formed Special Operations Starfighter Commando Squadron. What does this mean? It means this Starfighter Squadron is very special indeed - it not only conducts conventional starfighter operations but, each pilot also is trained as a skilled commando operative that can land and conduct special operations on the ground. Think Rogue Squadron but, also they are Navy Seals.

I am looking for a dedicated group of trooper/pilot types who are interested in organically (and through RP) forming a story around this unit - its ups, downs, turns, and every battle. The idea is for this to a be a long and storied squadron by the time we have a few threads in our collective history! I would like to find characters willing to lead or be in each of the 3 flights - feel free to customize their roles, their culture and style, as well as how they fight - just as long as they fit the overall theme of the COMETS. Feel free to pitch in your own ideas too! The way I'm feeling them RP wise is like the Stackpole X-Wing Books meet Tom Clancy and Ace Combat games.
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Al'Taylor Quarnz

Bud's Best Friend!
I really like this idea and have always wanted to try starfighter piloting/fleeting. I'm a bit unfamiliar with it, so if you're willing to take a newbie to PvP starfighter piloting, I'm down and could get a new character up and running for this... or have one defect.

Synthia Fellstarr

Al'Taylor Quarnz Al'Taylor Quarnz

No problem. As long as you commit to the squadron's story and helping out the republic - you can learn the ropes! I'm not that veteran at starfighters either (usually roleplay big bad Sith Lords).

But COMETS aren't a regular Starfighter Squadron - they do ground stuff too. So its a good combo of trooper and pilot story telling.

Synthia Fellstarr

M Max Darksun Well. Red Flight is the Command Flight. Its the one Synthia personally commands and it's exclusively composed of X-90 Stealth X-Wings. So if you want to fly something else, feel free to join the other flights and give them your own flavor. I am really flexible. It's your story.
Ace in a Black Hole
If you want any additions for a mission, I'm sure the Silver Jedi could loan Jerek over. They really cough don't have much of an establish starfighter corps anyway, so I wouldn't mind the chance to fly Jerek in squadron stories again.