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Sorick Hoften

Become the Crisis
NAME: Sorick Hoften
FACTION: the imperial remnant ( faction that i will be making based off of those who still believe in the imperium more details later, will start out as minor )
RANK: emperor
AGE: 20
GENDER: male
EYES: one blackish red eye, and one completely white eye ( its blind) .
HAIR: bold
SKIN: tan


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ physically muscular and stronger than most ( core: muscles that control your torso and the whole entire middle of your body even a bit of the bodies position such as the six pack hence why its very important, arms: all of the arm , chest or pectoral whatever u prefer, shoulders)
+ is tactically capable of leading an army in space and on the ground

+/- has anger issues ( good because in a war from personal exp. its a good ally to have , bad because when your angry you could easily walk into a trap just to kill someone you hate )

+/- ambition ( explainitory )

+/- only knows Form II: Makashi which is highly aggressive and physically demanding ( this could be bad if heavily injured or if trying to hold a defensive scenario, but good because this form allows him to put his physical strength to use along with his aggression)

- blind in his left eye ( bad cause in a duel somone who knows him well could take advantage of it )

-does not retreat from a fight or battle ( bad because if he's endanger of death because of mere principle he would die for it .... )

SHIP: working on it

Items: Vong crab armor( their were cases to were force user would not be suffocated take krayt fr example :) ) , red light saber , holo comm .


Sorick Hoften is a fearless sith warrior willing to kill anyone in his way of the title of dark lord. Hes not made it yet but he is a deadly foe to mess with . His father taught him one thing before he decided to kill him. In order to survive a dogfight one must be physically capable to fight for hours on in. because of this during his early years he would be training with his father to fight and be strong. at age 17 he killed his father and went to korribean and for awhile he trained their he knew he could not succed in koriban unless he searched out for power for himself. so he has and with it a small personal fleet that he had inherited from a sith friend during the zombie apocalypse with this fleet he decided to join the imperium. he liked its power structure but when it fell he had to pull his fleet out. he then decided that he would make his own empire of true sith the way it should be. The rule of two that is how but for now he just has his fleet and his epic strength on his side.




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