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Approved NPC Soraya Máshadi

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Intent: To create a companion to Darth Pyrrhus that hails from the up until recently unknown Resurgent Empire, who adds a little dark magic flair to his retinue.
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Role: Unofficial ambassador, Sorceress
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Age: 27
Force Sensitivity: Yes - Master
Species: Sith Pureblood
Soraya is easily identified as a Sith Pureblood. She shows the common characteristics to be expected; skin colour of a crimson-hue and bone spurs creating a very distinct look. She has pointed teeth, a simian mouth. Her eyes are of a yellow colour, covered by cartilaginous eyebrow-stalks. Soraya has short, dark red hair. Overall, all of this shapes up to give her a predatory yet sophisticated look. Like the majority of her species she has three clawed digits on each hand as well as three on each foot (two forward and one backward facing). Furthermore, she is left handed.

Soraya was born out of nobility and wealth, and she relishes in flaunting it. She has taken to showcase this through jewelry and accessories, manifesting in multiple golden earrings pierced to her upper ear, with larger ones hanging down on either side. Her neck is decorated by three golden collars ontop of eachother, with the final touch being an amulet in the shape of an ancient Sith symbol. Naturally she also complements her outfit with suitable bracelets and rings.

One will not find Soraya in armours or uniforms. Her attire is a little less hands on and battle-ready, as she prefers to stay away from the frontlines and do her fighting from a distance, be that in a position of command or through her prowess of the Force. Her outfit reflects this, sticking to elegant dresses and robes favouring a gold and black colour scheme.

Name: Soraya Máshadi
Loyalties: Darth Pyrrhus, The Resurgent Empire
Wealth: Impressive
Notable Possessions: Lightsaber, Sith grimoire
Skills:Master level Force user capable of:
[SIZE=9pt]Protection Bubble[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Force Insanity[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Force Lightning[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Force Drain[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Sith Sorcery[/SIZE]

Briefly put, Soraya is proud and sadistic. This probably has to do with her being raised within an environment filled with wealth and accustomed to power. All her life she and her family have kept servants and slaves, and she has developed a heightened sense of self-importance. The affinity she and much of her species has for the Dark Side has twisted her mind and put her on the path of evil since a young age. Agony and grief are her favourite emotions to invoke and prey on. She relishes in the emotions that fuels the Dark Side and she pushes herself to feel as much as possible, often making her prone to sudden outbursts and near theatrical and predictable behaviour.

[SIZE=9pt]While not as deeply invested into the Sith as a whole as Darth Pyrrhus is, she is a devoted follower of the Dark Side and the Sith Order as she views it. That is to say she is a believer of the tenants reflected by the Resurgent Empire, and she shows not a small measure of favouritism and higher expectations towards her own species. She is skeptical towards other races, and will only approve individual specimens on a case-by-case basis. By far she gives Humans the hardest time, much thanks to the massive presence and power they have established for themselves in the Galaxy. For the most part, Soraya finds this undeserved and it fills her with envy and spite. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=9pt]Soraya is of the Kissai caste. While she naturally holds this caste in high esteem, she does not discriminate against the others. They are different for a reason, with different fields of focus and purposes. Soraya is an intelligent woman, often taking the role of a withdrawn observer, yet when it comes down to it she can be just as ruthless as the Massassi.[/SIZE]

Weapon of Choice: The Force, Lightsaber
Combat Function:In contrast to the sometime brutish aggression of the Massassi, Soraya reflects her caste’s tendency to hang back and strike from a distance. If it is avoidable she will do everything to not end up at the center of a fight, but instead play the influential support character on the sidelines that will help turn the tide. While powerful in her own right and skilled with a lightsaber, her expertise lies within the Force and demolishing her opponents through its use, and not by means of physical prowess. More often than not Soraya will go through entire fights without ever drawing her blade, recognising that her own physical strength is only average at best. When forced to, or goaded into it, her way will be that of an elegant Makashi user.

Soraya was born into the Máshadi dynasty, a prominent Sith family on Athiss. She grew up on the capital city carved into the mountains, by the name of Xera’Ul. The center of their world, it was a hive of fierce competition. All her life Soraya had to put herself above others, and surface only after a successful stream of intrigue and power plays. Although she likely would not admit it herself, however, much of this was handed to her due to the resources available to her family, giving her an advantage over many others. Regardless though, she would not have emerged from the city with her life had she not possessed some raw natural talents herself.

Raised by privilege, she carried herself like a noblewoman surrounded by plebs. As was always going to be her destiny she became a student of one of the available Sith Academies. Soraya excelled at a high level, although she was not amongst the top three of her class. Despite this she certainly spent her time at the academy pretending as if she was. It hurt her pride that there were those better than her, and ever since ‘graduating’ it’s something she pretended never happened at all. There is no one around to dispute her when she claims to have been the best, and those who knows otherwise are not people she keeps company.

Later she rose through the hierarchy of the Resurgent Empire. The Empire was on the rise and nearly ready to reveal itself to the Galaxy. Soraya ensured that she would have front-row seats for such an event. A Kissai sworn to the Sphere of Domain under Lord Sitas, she eventually proved herself a valuable asset and earned the title of Sith Lord right around the time of the invasion of Ziost.

It was on Ziost that her paths crossed with Darth Pyrrhus. At first she became linked to him in relation to the Karazak Slavers Cooperative, and their arrangement with the Resurgent Empire. She became something of an ambassador, while keeping a watchful eye on Pyrrhus and the way he conducted himself on their planets. If he were to set up slave camps on their worlds she would ensure that they met the Empire’s requirements and were not secret military camps who could overthrow their rule or support rebels within their domain.

Their relationship was entirely professional at the outset, cold and distrustful, but over time she became enamoured with his conviction and personal interpretation of the Code and the way of the Sith. It sparked her curiosity, and she remained close by, sticking around for operations that technically speaking did not require her presence according to her mandate. However, from Soraya’s point of view Pyrrhus’ interests seemed to align with her own and that of her Empire, she saw no fault with this.
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